Awake bodies

in accordance with article 78d of the Austrian Federal Constitution (Federal Constitutional Court) are awake body civilian armed or university-formed or otherwise formations furnished after military sample, which tasks of a police character are transferred. Around misunderstandings to avoid the Federal Constitutional Court supplements that among the awake bodies in particular are not to be ranked: To the protection of individual branches of the Landeskultur, like that country - and forestry (field -, corridor - and forest protection), the mining industry, the hunt, the fishery or other water authorizations set up guard staff, the organs of the supervision of market and the fire-brigade.

Further it is determined that in the local effective range of federal police headquarters, some federal safety guard corps , by another regional administrative body an awake body is added not to be set up or not maintained may. From this Federal Constitutional Court actually gives itself in strict design that within the ranges of federal police headquarters also the new awake body federal police might not be set up. This discrepancy was brought however from nobody to the language and/or. for treatment course-carry for the constitutional court yard (VfGH).

Up to at the end of of April 2004 existed in Austria the following awake bodies:

starting from 1. May 2004 was dissolved the tariff guard and their Bedienste of majority in Bundesgendarmerie and federal safety guard corps was divided. With 1. July 2005 took place the so-called “pool from police and Gendarmerie”, i.e. the fusion from federal safety guard corps, Kriminalbeamtenkorps and Bundesgendarmerie to the federal police. Therefore only more exist the following awake bodies in Austria for this time:

  • Federal police
  • law guard
  • various municipality awake bodies (city police)

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