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Wake is approx. 7.8 km ² large atoll in the north Pacific, between Hawaii and the northern Marianen. It is officially a nichtinkorporiertes territory of the USA.

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It consists of three Koralleninseln, which were formed by an underwater volcano. The lagoon is the former Krater, the islands is part of the former Kraterrandes. The Hauptinsel Wake Iceland lies in the southeast of the Atolls, Peale Iceland in the north and Wilkes Iceland in the west.


natives live history on Wake. 1568 were discovered it by the Spaniard Álvaro de Mendaña de Neira. 1796 started the British Schoner Prince William Henry the atoll; it thereupon after its captain, William Wake, designated.

To 17. January 1899 becameWake of the USA annektiert. 1935 were built on Wake Iceland a landing strip, which served as intermediate stop for civilian air lanes to Asia.

In the Second World War US Navy built a military basis on the atoll starting from January 1941. At the time of the Japanese over case on the naval base Pearl Harbor to 7. December 1941 was the US base only conditionally defense. A submarine basis and an air base still were in the structure, since 19. August 1941 existing garrison consisted of 452 naval infantrymen, who had 76 mm air defense cannons 12 x and a coastal battery.

Wakebelonged to the first goals of the Japanese island offensive after opening of the Pacific war. The island became scene of a battle: To 7. December 1941 attacked Japan the island, but the garrison struck back the attack. Two Japanese destroyers were sunk.

The second attack thatJapanese to 23. December 1941 was successful. The US combat team under admiral Frank Jack Fletcher with the aircraft carrier USS Saratoga, set for defense in march, turned, when with a superior invasion fleet Wake attacked the Japanese navy again. In the night troops went in the deadAngles of the coastal battery ashore and overwhelmed the American defenders, of whom most of them however civilian contractors of the Morrison Knudsen were company, an US-American construction company. Although the Americans attacked the atoll of the lake and from air, the Japanese could do it toto the end of war 1945 hold. To 4. September 1945 resulted the Japanese garrison; the delivery was officially carried out in a short ceremony.

In the cold war the basis was used by US air Force.


in the meantime were taken off the entire military personnel,however today still 200 civilians on Wake work. The airfield is used further by the US military, in addition by some air freighters as well as for forced landings with Transpazifikflügen. Find annual altogether approx. 700 landings instead of. Some mechanisms and wrecks from the Second World War remain on the island. Plans toDeposit of radioactive waste were given up to 1998 after international protests.

Wake is stressed by Marshall Islands.

Since 1974 become of Wake Iceland with
coordinates: 19° 17 ′ 24 " N 166° 36 ′ 05 " O
19° 17 ′ 24 " N 166° 36 ′ 05 " O reentry tests of military rockets and experimentsto the anti-missile defense accomplished.

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