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Waldemar cook (* 25. September 1880 in Harzburg; † 15. May 1963 in Berlin) was a German politician.

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the son of a ship civil engineer volontierte after the conclusion of the Primareife at the material High School Bremerhaven 1897 to 1900 at a ship building firm. After its military service at the imperial navy he put 1903 down the Abitur as external one and studied up to its conclusion as an engineering graduate 1904 at the technical university Berlin industrial administrative nature. Apart from the study of political economy, philosophy and history at the Friedrich William university Berlin worked cook from 1905 to 1907 at the AEG. 1907 attained a doctorate to Waldemar cook with a work over the concentration movement in the German electrical industry to the Dr. phil. In the years 1905 to 1907 it undertook study trips to the USA, China and Russia. Cook attained a doctorate 1909 with a work over the industrialization of China to the Dr. - to engineer

1910 to 1914 worked Waldemar cook as a director of an AEG enterprise in London. During the First World War it carried for 1914 out/15 military service. Afterwards it was from 1915 to 1918 department managers and then a deputy director at Institut for maritime traffic and world economy of the University of Kiel. In the year 1918 cook became member of the German democratic party (strip packing). In its function as a chairman of the citizen committee of large Berlin 1918/19 he supported the regimentregiment regiment among Colonels Wilhelm pure hard with striking down November revolution. In the years 1919 to 1930 cook in different industrial companies worked. 1930 habilitierte cook for management economics at the technical university Berlin and worked themselves then until 1945 as freelance chartered accoutants.

1934 represented Waldemar cook as a chartered accoutant the interests of the Jewish large shareholder of the Engelhardt brewery against the arisierungswillige Dresdens bank and took it therefore for three weeks in protective custody. Thereupon one extracted the training power from it and dismissed him after § 6 tenured civil servant law as a private lecturer to the TH Berlin. After one had again given him 1939 the training power, he took 1942/43 a training order at the university resounded was.

In June 1945 Waldemar was a cook main initiator of the establishment and starting from July of first chairmen of the LDP. Because of internal-party quarrels in the question of the land reform and on operation of the military administration in the zone of Germany occupied by the Soviet Union he already delivered the presidency in particular in November 1945 at William Külz . 1948 were excluded cook from the LDP, moved to West Berlin and became member of the free democratic party (FDP). From 1949 to 1953 it dozierte as a professor for management economics to the TH Berlin. 1956 he withdrew from the FDP.


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