Waldorf Astoria (hotel)

Waldorf=Astoria (written for historical reasons with double hyphen between the two names) is the name of two luxury hotels in New York - the original stood in the place of the Empire State Buildings to the Fifth Avenue, the today's is a 42-stöckiges kind Deco - building, which since 1931 at the park stands Avenue in Manhattan (house number 301). The Waldorf=Astoria belongs to the holding on hotel chain.

In the today's Waldorf=Astoria are three American and classically European restaurants, a beauty salon as well as different luxury fashion shops. The lobby was distinguished several times for its mechanism in the style of the time of origin of the hotel.

The upper range of the Waldorf=Astoria, admits whale village Towers as The, is still more luxuriöser than the lower range: a hotel in the hotel.


1893 opened William whale village Astor the 13-stöckige whale village hotel in the place of its paternal roof, where today the Empire State Building is. 1897 opened near by the Astoria hotel of his cousin John Jacob Astor IV in the place, higher around four floors, in which before the aunt of the two cousins had used.

The communications between the hotels as Peacock Alley admits and is symbolized in the today's name by the double hyphen. The united Waldorf=Astoria became at that time largest hotel of the world, which maintained the high standards original whale village of the hotel.


  • the US Government holds an extensive Suite in 42. Stick of the Waldorf=Astoria as seat of the US Ambassadors at the United Nations.

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