Forest small bird

forest small bird
red forest small bird (Cephalanthera titles)
Order: Asparagus-well-behaved (Asparagales)
family: Orchideen (Orchidaceae)
Unterfamilie: Epidendroideae
tri bus: Neottiae
Untertribus: Limodorinae
kind: Forest small bird (Cephalanthera)
scientific name
smell. 1818

the forest small birds forms the kind Cephalanthera smells. in the family of the Orchideen (Orchidaceae). The kind was set up in the year 1818 by the French Botaniker professor Louis Claude Marie smelling pool of broadcasting corporations. The name consists of the Greek κεφαλή cephalae = head and ανθηρός antheros = flowering and points out that the Anthere of the Columna like a head mount. The Rhizome is short, creeping, branches out and strongly bewurzelt. Large blooms of knows to nearly violet. Partial self dusting.

The kind counts 14 kinds. The occurrence extends from North Africa and Europe to China and Japan. A mykotrophe kind comes from the western USA.

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Europe and Asia

  • Caucasian forest small bird (Cephalanthera caucasica Krzl.)
  • Kreti forest small bird (Cephalanthera cucullata Boiss. & Heldr.)
  • white forest small bird (Cephalanthera damasonium (Mill.) Druce)
  • spurred forest small bird (Cephalanthera epipactoides Fischer & C. A. Meyer)
  • Cephalanthera kotschyana Renz & deaf.
  • Kurdish forest small bird (Cephalanthera kurdica Bornm.)
  • Schwertblättriges forest small bird (Cephalanthera longifolia (L.) Fritsch)
  • red forest small bird (Cephalanthera titles (L.) smell.)
  • Cephalanthera schaberi Type.


  • Cephalanthera bijiangensis Chen
  • Cephalanthera calcarata Chen & long

North America

  • Cephalanthera austiniae (A.Gry) Heller


  • Cephalanthera × mayeri (Zimm.) Cam. 1929 (Cephalanthera damasonium × Cephalanthera titles)
  • Cephalanthera × petrol hechtii cellars 1930 (Cephalanthera longifolia × Cephalanthera titles)
  • Cephalanthera × schulzei Cam.& Berl. 1908 (Cephalanthera damasonium × Cephalanthera longifolia)




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