coordinates: 30° 1 ' 58 " S 148° 7 ' 33 " O

Walgett is convenient an Australian town, in the Federal State new South Wales. The 2700 inhabitants counting place is because of the confluence of the two rivers Barwon and Namoi.

Walgett was created in March 1885. Once the settlement was port for impeller steamers, which drove on the Murray Darling river system. Walgett a regional center for the cotton industry and a place of transshipment for wheat was as it were. Today Walgett is starting point for Opalschürfer.

In the eighties Walgett´s inhabitants were involuntary the target for Hohn and mockery. The place was a Running Gag in the Sitcom Hey Dad! and the inhabitants Walgett´s, represented by the character Betty were a synonym for einfältige land eggs.

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