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Wappen von Wallersdorf Deutschlandkarte, Position des Orts hervorgehoben
base data
Land of the Federal Republic: Bavaria
governmental district: Lower Bavaria
district: Dingolfing Landau
geographical situation:
Coordinates: 48° 44 ' N, 12° 45 ' O
48° 44 ' N, 12° 45 ' O
height: 329 m and. NN
surface: 71.15 km ²
inhabitants: 6.752 (30. June 2005)
Population density: 94 inhabitants for each km ²
postal zip codes: 94522
preselection: 09933
Kfz characteristics: DGF
municipality key: 09 2 79 137
arrangement: 17 local parts
of the administration:
Market place 19
94522 Wallersdorf
Website: www.markt-wallersdorf.de
mayor: Helmut Wimmer (CSU/free voter combination)

Wallersdorf is a market with 6.752 inhabitants in the district Dingolfing Landau (governmental district Lower Bavaria).

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Wallersdorf lies in the region land hat.

The following Gemarkungen exist: Old person book, shark thinking furnace, Haidlfing, Wallersdorf, Ettling.


is mentioned in writing for the first time the place 741 as “whale village”. In 12. Century is Wallersdorf a yard Mark under noble administration, jurisdiction has the national gentleman. The place belongs to the regional court Natternberg. 1613 were established the first Pfarrschule, built for 1792 and 1860 new school buildings. To 20. September 1849 burns the church and several houses. 1859 are geweiht the new church. 1953 are raised Wallersdorf to the market and receive to 1954 a coat of arms. In the course of the large regional reorganization Wallersdorf at the 1 becomes. January 1972 greater in the district Dingolfing Landau, the municipalities Haidlfing and shark thinking furnace are integrated.

inhabitant development

in the area of the municipality 1970 5,378, 1987 then 5,646 and in the year 2000 6,597 inhabitants were counted. To the 1. July 2004 were then 6706 with main domicile in Wallersdorf and 307 with Nebenwohnsitz.


mayor are Helmut Wimmer (CSU/Freie voter combination).

The local rate incomes amounted to in the year 1999 converted 2599 T€, of it amounted to the trade tax incomes (net) converted 236 T€.

1998 gave economics

work on] to economics as well as land

and forestry after the official statistics within the range of the land and forestry 48, in the producing trade 386 and within the range trade and traffic 292 liable to social security persons employed at the work place. In other economic sectors 218 persons were liable to social security busy at the work place. Liable to social security person employed at the residence gave it altogether to 2278. In the processing trade there were 1 enterprise, in the building main trade 5 enterprises. Besides existed in the year 1999 217 agricultural enterprises with a agriculturally used surface of 5923 hectars, of it were 5568 hectars of area of arable land and 346 hectars of continuous green area.


the year 1999 the following mechanisms existed to education:

  • Kindergartens: 125 kindergarten places with 195 children
  • elementary schools: 1 with 25 teachers and 478 pupils

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