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walter Elias Disney (short: Roll Disney) (* 5. December 1901 in Chicago; † 15. December 1966 in Los Angeles) was an US-American film producer. Itthe inventor of Micky is mouse and cost.

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roll Disney became to 5. December 1901 in Chicago born as a son of a building contractor of Canadian origin. Its nut/mother originated from Ohio. It buildup with its parents, its sister and three brothers on a farm in Missouri.All children, also the youngest, had to help on the farm, but it was always interested in drawing and taken with 14 years the first time art instruction in Kansas town center. After it in the First World War outpatient clinic driver with that Army had been in France, began it short publicity films to draw, together with indication artist Ubbe „practices “Iwerks, which roll later also the model for the Micky Mouse drew. Together with its brother Roy it produced a set of Kurzfilmenwith the title Alice in Cartoonland. With it it already mixed as later with Mary Poppins Trickfilm with material actors.

After successes with the Alice - Disney went to films 1923 to Los Angeles. Together with practice Iwerks as Kind Director and its brother Roy, which worried about the financial aspects of productions, it began to convert its ideas into Trickfilme. 1926 gave Disney the Zeichnerei up and left to Iwerks the conception of its figures. 1927 became Micky mouse(English. Mickey Mouse) production by Iwerks, the title of the first Micky film read tarpaulin Crazy. To it the jazz singer (The jazz Singer) appeared parallel, the first commercially specified Tonfilm of film history, produced by the brothers Warner. This encouraged rollDisney, the indication trick category new life einzuhauchen and its newest creation with a mark the world sensation to make, by adding the drawn pictures clay/tone and music effects. Thus celebrated in November 1928 in New York Steamboat Willie, in also Min ever mouse and Kater Karlo their first role did not play, premiere. Parallel to the Micky mouse films Disney produced the Silly Symphonies - row, in which it tried consciously new animation techniques out. Thus it published 1932 with the Trickfilm flowers and trees (Flowersand Trees) the first Technicolor - film with naturally working colors. 1934 had Donald duck in the Silly Symphony film the intelligent small hen its first appearance. In the following years it developed fast to a kratzbürstigen Gegenpart to thatnice and successful Micky mouse and became finally more popular in its own films even than Micky.

The popular Disney figures (v.l.) min never mouse, Goofy, Micky mouse, Pluto, Donald duck and Daisy duck on a roof in Disneyworld in Florida.

The filmsDisney were brought first of the United Artists into the cinemas. The rental business enterprise let the film producer change to differences however to RKO Pictures and could not no more at commercial successes of following productions sharings.

A large work succeeded Disney 1937with the indication trick filming of Schneewittchen and the seven dwarves, which received one regular OSCAR as well as seven expenditures for miniature from the film academy. Altogether 750 artists were involved in the Erschaffung of this classical author. Following the large success of Schneewittchen Disney created 1940 an indication trick version of Pinocchio.

Roll Disney presents to 1937 in a cinema Werbetrailer the seven dwarves.

An absolute new fact was that likewise 1940 published music film Fantasia, that to works of brook, Beethovens, Tschaikowskis, Strawinskyspresents among other things small Kurzgeschichten. Not a history was toned, but turned around quasi, translated the music graphically into pictures. Apart from nice and nice stories (for example a urkomisches ballet of Nilpferden and crocodiles) also dark appear or evenabstract episodes. Much is that admits in which Micky the “magician's apprentice “- the well-known Goethe after - Ballade tones - plays. The strip under the musical direction of Leopold Stokowski was the first motion picture film, that with a sound TRACKin stereophonic sound was provided.

1941 follow Dumbo as the fourth evening-filling Zeichentrickfilm and finally 1942 Bambi after Felix Salten, whom roll Disney themselves always as its favourite film designated. These first five works apply until today as the largest classical authors outthe house Disney.

After the Second World War Disney produced numerous adventure films like the treasure island after Robert Louis Stevenson and 20,000 miles under the sea after Jules Verne. Into the 1950er years developed also further evening-filling Zeichentrickfilme, under it for Cinderella, Alice in the miracle country, Peter Pan and Dornrö and the prince.

As world-wide very successfully proved in this time also a set of documentary films. Already first of it, seal Iceland (1948), won a OSCAR. It acteditself here first only around Kurzfilme, it dared Disney 1953 with the desert lives (The Living the ore), to bring also a evening-filling documentary film into the cinemas. The strip was a financial and artistic sensation, got likewise the OSCARand up to then under commercial criteria hardly considered category gave new lift. World-wide further animal documentary films came into the cinema in the next years. Disney Studios called their documentary films over animals and plants „True would run Adventures “(„adventures in the realm thatNature “). To the most well-known miracle of the prairie ( The Vanishing Prairie belongs, 1954) and secrets quilt (The African Lion, 1955). Additionally there was also still „People and Places “, a Dokumentarreihe over different countries and their inhabitant.

In order to come to more moneys for its numerous plans, rolls Disney at the beginning of the 1950er belonged years to the first Hollywood producers, who knew to use the arising television for itself. With Fernsehshows such as Disneyland rolls Disney developed as oneKind „fairy tale uncles of the nation “also to a television moderator liked country-wide. Its face became now only quite admits, when it presented its newest films, which art of the animation described or films and series anmoderierte. Disney landed its largest series hit also Davy Crockett, which made Fess Parker the star and created it also in the cinema. Disney had been moveable foresighted most of its television contributions in color, even if the conditions at that time made possible only one black-and-white radiant emittance for the technology. The investments paiditself however by cinema evaluations and later repetitions in color out.

Several TV-Specials, which concerned themselves with the possibilities of space travel , were unusual. But Disney with the space travel pioneer did the films arranged by Ward Kimball to that who ago from brown together,together with Disney and other moderated also. With the German physicist and popular scientist Heinz Haber created Disney the TV-Special our friend the atom, with which in the sense of the government Eisenhower the image of the nuclear energy should be improved completely.

Aerial photoof Disneyland in Anaheim from the year 2004.

To 17. July 1955 opened rolls Disney its first entertainment park (Disneyland) in Anaheim, few kilometers south of Los Angeles. he bought the area for the second park to 1964 in Orlando, Florida, which should become still better than the first Disneyland. 1964 came the most successful Disney feature, which musical Mary Poppins, out, which was distinguished with five Oscars. The last film, in which Disney participated personally, was The jungle book (The Jungle Book).

In order to let Trickfilme more realistic work, developed of Disney technicians under the direction of practice Iwerks (over several decades of the developers and better the new techniques in the house Disney was and among other thingsalso in Hitchcocks The Birds (1963) cooperated) the multi-plan camera - table, in designs of background, figure and foreground on separate, superimposed levels to be put and then from above photographed. By changed distances between the levels so more realistic leaves itself,realize spatially working effects.

To 15. December 1966 died rolls Disney unexpectedly after an operation at cancer of the lungs, and its younger brother Roy took over rolls Disney Productions and the advancement of the park, the 1971 in honours its „inventor “than„Roll Disney World “one opened. It was not, how often accepted, roll Disney, which invented uncle Dagobert and other members of the Disney family, but „the good draughtsman “ Carl bark. From his indication feather/spring also many further inhabitants originate Duck living.

Disney and the FBI

roll Disney saw itself as Patriot and an anti-communist, it a close connection to the FBI one accused. It is as an informant of reports over communist active coworkers of its company to thatFBI supplied. At times McCarthys meant this for the persons specified in the reports that they were arrested or set on a black list. To what extent Disney was pressurized with its reports thereby, is disputed. It is safe thatit the consequences of its statements was conscious.

A group of film producers in Hollywood (The Hollywood Ten) refused reports of this kind to the FBI - and was arrested.

honours and honors

with far more than 800different prices and honors, which it received during lifetimes and postum, is surely rolls Disney one of the most frequently excellent personalities in the history of mankind. The following listing contains a small selection from it:

film prices

Academy OFMotion Picture kind and Sciences

in the course of its life as well as postum received Disney altogether to 26 Oscars. It is the film-creative distinguished with this price thereby most frequently. Besides it received further 37 OSCAR nominating (also this a record), among other things 1965for „the best film “as a producer of Mary Poppins (Mary Poppins, 1964).

  • 1932 - Honour OSCAR for the Erschaffung of the Micky mouse
  • 1933 - best Kurzfilm (Cartoon): Flowers and Trees (flowers and trees, 1932)
  • 1934 - best ones Kurzfilm (Cartoon):Three Little Pigs (the three small Schweinchen, 1933)
  • 1935 - best Kurzfilm (Cartoon): The Tortoise and the sheds (the turtle and the hare, 1934)
  • 1936 - Best Kurzfilm (Cartoon): Three Orphan of cementing (thosethree small Waisenkätzchen, 1935)
  • 1937 - best Kurzfilm (Cartoon): The Country cousin (the cousin of the country, 1936)
  • 1938 - best Kurzfilm (Cartoon): The old Mill (the old mill, 1937)
  • 1939 - best Kurzfilm (Cartoon): FerdinandDisney one normally large OSCAR statue and additionally seven miniature Oscars received
  • the bulletins (Ferdinand , the bull, 1938) to 1939 - honour OSCAR for Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (Schneewittchen and the seven dwarves, 1937) -, on stairslined up, for everyone of the dwarves
  • 1940 - best Kurzfilm (Cartoon): The Ugly Duckling (ugly Entlein, 1939)
  • 1942 - best Kurzfilm (Cartoon): Lend A Paw (the heartless rescuer, 1941)
  • 1942 - honour OSCAR (certificate) for an outstandingContribution for the improvement of the clay/tone in films for Fantasia (Fantasia, 1940) (together with William E. Garity and J.N.A. Hawkins)
  • 1942 - Irving G. Thalberg Memorial Award
  • 1943 - best Kurzfilm (Cartoon): The leader' s Face (1942)
  • 1949 - best ones Kurzfilm (Zweiakter):Seal Iceland (1948)
  • 1951 - best Kurzfilm (Zweiakter): Beaver Valley (in the valley of the beavers, 1950)
  • 1952 - best Kurzfilm (Zweiakter): Nature's helped acre (earth, the large unknown quantity, 1951)
  • 1953 - best Kurzfilm (Zweiakter): Water Birds (1952)
  • 1954 - best documentary film (long film): The Living the ore (the desert lives, 1953)
  • 1954 - best documentary film (Kurzfilm): The Alaskan Eskimo (1953)
  • 1954 - best Kurzfilm (Cartoon): Toot Whistle Plunk and boom (the music hour, 1953)
  • 1954 - best Kurzfilm (Zweiakter): Bear Country (in the country of the bears, 1953)
  • 1955 - best documentary film (long film): The Vanishing Prairie (miracle of the prairie, 1954)
  • 1956 - best documentary film (Kurzfilm): Men Against the Arctic (Enterprise arctic, 1955)
  • 1959 - best Kurzfilm (material film): Grand Canyon (Grand Canyon, 1958)
  • 1969 - best Kurzfilm (Cartoon): Vienna never the Pooh and the Blustery Day (Vienna never Puuh and the dog weather, 1968) - postum

golden GlobeAwards

  • 1948 - Special price for Bambi (Bambi, 1942) - among other things for the Hindi - version of the film
  • 1953 - Cecil B. DeMille Award for its life's work
  • 1954 - special price for The Living the ore (the desert, 1953 live)
  • 1955 - Price for Davy Crockett in the Disneyland - series
  • of 1956 - price for Mickey Mouse club

BAFTA Awards

  • 1955 - best documentary film: The Vanishing Prairie (miracle of the prairie, 1954)
  • 1961 - best animated film: 101 Dalmatians (101 Dalmatiner, 1961)

international film festivals of Cannes

  • 1946 - best animated film: Make mine music (1946)
  • 1953 - special price of the jury for its contributions for the acknowledgment of the festival

David di Donatello

  • 1956 - best foreign film: Lady and the Tramp (Susi and Strolch, 1955)

Directors Guild OF America

  • 1955 - DGA Honorary would run Member Award

Golden canvas

Laurel Awards

  • 1958 - golden Laurel as a Top producer (2.Place)
  • 1959 - golden Laurel as a Top producer (3. Place)
  • 1960 - golden Laurel as a Top producer (2. Place)
  • 1961 - golden Laurel as a Top producer
  • 1962 - golden Laurel as a Top producer
  • 1963 - golden Laurel as a Top producer
  • 1964 - golden Laurel asTop producer
  • 1965 - Golden Laurel as a producer
  • 1966 - golden Laurel as a producer
  • 1967 - golden Laurel special price - postum for Disney, “its artistic genius and love for the life glad family maintenance to a public in the whole world brought andcontinues, each new generation from Kinogängern to pleasing " (“whose artistic genius and love OF would run brought joyful family entertainment tons of audiences around the world and continue ton delight each new generation OF filmgoers”)

Montréal World film festival

  • 1999- Grand Prix Special of the Amériques - postum, for of Disney unusual contributions to the film art; the honor took its daughter DIANE Disney Miller against

Motion Picture screen Cartoonists Awards

New York film Critics Circle Awards

film festivals by Venice

  • 1934 - best animated film: Three Little Pigs (the three small Schweinchen, 1933)
  • 1935 - best animated film: The volume Concert (Mickys place concert, 1935)
  • 1937 -Best animated film:Hawaiian Holiday (holidays on Hawaii, 1937), music country, The Country cousin (the cousin of the country, 1936), The old Mill (the old mill, 1937), alpine Climbers (the Gipfelstürmer, 1936) and Mickey's Polo team (Mickys Polo team, 1936)
  • 1938 - Grand Biennale Great kind Trophy for Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (Schneewittchen and the seven dwarves, 1937)
  • 1948 - best animated film: Melody Time (music, dance, rhythm, 1948)
  • 1950 - special price of the jury for Cinderella (Aschenputtel, 1950)
  • 1950 - special price of the jury for Beaver Valley (1950)
  • 1951 - best documentary film: Nature's helped acre (1951)

Emmy Awards

  • 1954 - operation Undersea (ABC) - best individual programthe yearly
  • 1954 - Disneyland (ABC) - best Varieté series with music inserts
  • 1955 - Disneyland (ABC) - best act ion or adventure series
  • of 1962 - 1963 - roll Disney's Wonderful World OF Color (NBC) - outstanding program achievement on the field of the child programs

Annie Awards

  • 1975 - Winsor McCay Award - postum

mill OF Fame

Disney has on the famous „mill OF Fame “(Hollywood boulevard) equivalent two of stars, one for his film work and one for his television work.

other honours



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