Walter Abendroth

Fedor George walter Abendroth (* 28. May 1896 in Hanover; † 30. September 1973 in Fischbachau) was a German composer, editor and a music writer.

Over its career/development relatively few are well-known. In the year 1930 he transferred the editorship of the general music newspaper. It held this position until 1934. In addition it took over editorial work with the citizen of Berlin restaurant indicator. After the Second World War he became an editor with the magazine the time.

Beside its rezensorischen and literary activity and publications to music topics he also was as a composer actively. It wrote mainly symphonies, chamber music, songs as well as concerts. In its kompositorischen work it was anxious to away-develop the traditional music forms and these with the musical styles 20. To connect century.

works (selection)


  • Sonate opus 26 for violin and piano
  • Sonatine opus 39 for flute, Violoncello and Cembalo
  • Streichtrio opus 38
  • small Sonate opus 30 for piano

of books

  • German music of the time turn
  • the Symphonien Anton Bruckners
  • suicide of the music
  • Rudolf Steiner and the today's world
  • I warn curious


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