Walter Anderson one

walter Arthur Alexander Anderson one (* 10. October 1885 in Minsk (white Russia); † 23. August 1962 in Kiel) was one the most important German Folkloristen 20. Century and the Programmatiker of the volkskundlichen geographical-historical method (Finnish school).

Walter Anderson one was born in Minsk into ethnic Germans a family (its brother was a well-known statistician Oskar Anderson one), and buildup in Kazan' , where he began the study at the historical-philological faculty after reaching graduation. During its study at the Kazaner university it became 1909 with a scholarship for Western European literature history to the university of pc. Petersburg delegated, where he attained 1911 the degree of Master of Arts. 1912 received its first academic post than private lecturer in Western European literature history and lector for Italian at the Kazaner university to Anderson, where 1916 for its Magisterarbeit in general literature history of the doctor degrees were awarded to it. 1918 were appointed Anderson than extraordinary professor to the chair for Western European literature history of the university of Kazan', but he could not accept the post due to revolution confusions. When professor for Folkloristik (1920 - 1939) at the university of Tartu (formerly Dorpat, Estonia), where it its lectures first German, starting from 1922 however kept estnisch, was jointly responsible it for the development of the volkskundlichen research in the Baltic and in Estonia, before Estonia was annektiert by the Soviet Union. From 1940 to at the beginning of of 1945 Anderson one worked on the University of king mountain (now Kaliningrad, East Prussia). After end 2. World war taught walter Anderson one at the Christian Albrechts university to Kiel, where he deceased to 1962 at the consequences of a traffic accident.

Among Andersons one most important works ranks on its Magisterarbeit of 1916 which are based Monografie emperor and abbott (folklore Fellows' Communications 42, Helsinki 1923).

works (selection)

  • emperor and abbott The history of a Schwanks. Folklore Fellows' Communications 42, Helsinki, 1923.
  • The Mars panic in Estonia 1921. Magazine of the association for Volkskunde 35/36, Berlin, 1926.
  • Over P. Jensens method of the comparative legend research. Eesti Vabariigi Tartu Ülikooli Toimetused, Dorpat, 1930.
  • That vary from the old Hildebrand. A comparative study (I+II). Eesti Vabariigi Tartu Ülikooli Toimetused, Dorpat, 1932.
  • A volkskundliches experiment. Folklore Fellows' Communications 141, Helsinki, 1951.


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