Walter brown rock

walter brown rock (* 19. December 1882 in Frankfurt/Main; † 19. March 1954 in Cologne) was a German composer and pianist.

It received its first musical instruction already promptly by its nut/mother. At the age of 12 years it continued its training at the Hoch' conservatoire in Frankfurt. Later it took up a study of the jurisprudence and economy at the University of Munich . It went to about 1902 to Vienna, in order to be able to be trained with Theodor Leschetizky as a pianist. Again in Munich it studied composition with Ludwig Thuille.

Several years followed, in which it successfully appeared as a pianist. In the year 1925 he transferred a position at the again created university for music to Cologne; later he became a director of this university. While it was relieved of the time of the third realm as a half Jew of this office. Its works could not be specified in this time no more. Brown rock remained however in Germany, went into the internal emigration and dedicated themselves to composing. After the end II. World war it was entrusted with the task to bring the Cologne college of music again into being. In the year 1947 it was appointed a further mark as the director of the university. it went to 1950 into the retirement. He deceased 1954 in Cologne.

Its kompositorisches work is very comprehensive and various. It contains for example operas, symphonies, fairs, choirs, Kantaten, serenades, Ouvertüren as well as songs, chamber music and works for piano. Its break-through as a composer he experienced 20 in the 20's. Century with its opera “the birds”. Among this time it ranked beside Franz Schreker and smelling pool of broadcasting corporations bunch to the outstanding German opera composers. Famous conductors of its time brought its compositions to the performance, so for instance to Bruno walter, Furtwängler and Otto Klemperer. The style of its compositions orients itself at the models of the classical period and romance. After its death they turned out for some time into oblivion, to them only since the 90's 20. Century experienced one Renaissance.

works (selection)

  • operas
    • ” Falada” OI. 3
    • ” the golden pot” OI. 6
  • play music
    • ” which you want” OI. 11
    • ” Macbeth” OI. 14
  • concerts
    • ” Hexensabbat” for piano and orchestra OI. 8
    • ” Scottish fantasy” for Viola and orchestra OI. 47
    • ” Hebridentänze” for piano and orchestra OI. 70
  • compositions for orchestra
    • ” Ariels singing” for small orchestra OI. 18
    • ” Carnevals Ouvertüre” OI. 22
    • serenade for small orchestra in E flat major OI. 20
    • Präludium and joint for large orchestra OI. 36
    • Sinfonia Brevis for orchestra OI. 69
  • choir works
    • ” revealing Johannis” for tenor, double choir and large orchestra OI. 17
    • ” Weihnachtskantate” for Sopran, Bariton, choir and orchestra OI. 52
  • piece of fantasy of “princess Brambilla” OI. 12
  • lyric-fantastic play “the birds” OI. 30
  • Weihnachtsmärchen “the gläserne mountain” OI. 39
  • Mysterium “Verkündigung” OI. 50

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