Walter E. Lautenbacher

walter Ernst Hans Werner Lautenbacher (* 23. February 1920 in Munich; † 10. August 2000 in Leonberg) was one of the most important and most influential photo designers of Germany 20. Century. He is the founder of the federation of free lance photo designers (BFF).

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walter E. Lautenbacher, 1920 in Munich born, studied there from 1947 to 1949 at the Bavarian state institute for photo natures. This school had been created 1900 of his father George Heinrich Emmerich as lehr and laboratory for photography, that at that time first professor for Lichtbildkunst in Bavaria.

In the year 1954 Lautenbacher made itself independent, after he had practiced some years as a director/conductor of a Studios for advertising photography. Afterwards it became one of the prominent mode photographers of its time. Starting from 1959 he worked with that mode editorships of the magazines CONSTANZE and PETRA in Hamburg, with which he and. A. also those Paris mode photographed. For these magazines developed over 250 multilateral mode reports.

With the editorships of LA DONNA and ANNABELLA in Italy Lautenbacher in Milan and Florenz photographed the newest collections for Prêt à more porter. For ANNA-BARK in Switzerland, for the magazines FRIEND, NEW ONE FASHION and FOR IT took over it many decaying iron. He worked at the same time for the pressing and publicity departments of large Markenartikler, like BLEYLE, TRIUMPH, EGERIA, COMTESSE, HANRO SWISS, BOGNER, ERGEE and SCHIESSER, in order to call only the most important.

Since 1954 assistants practiced with Lautenbacher two dozen. The majority from them successful colleagues became. Lautenbacher promoted also many photo models and admits it in the public made, and. A. Ina Balke, Juliane Biallas, Sylvia Dakis, Beate Schulz, Margie Schmitz Jürgens, Mirja Larsson, Astrid Schiller, Gloria of ter Braake, Gabrielle of Canal, Britta farmer, Evelyn bold and. v. A. All appeared on its title pages and in the series of its fashion journals.

In the Federal Republic it was always usual to keep all tricks and whistles of the lighting and organization” as secret as possible “. Lautenbacher had already promptly resisted. It had always desire to animate by open statement of its recording technologies the competition. Already in the 50's it showed the interested colleague as the first its again furnished Studio with lighting tubes, which displaced the hot headlights at that time. Later it got from America the first colored papers for background themselves, informed on several journeys to New York over the newest electronic flashes and passed its knowledge on. it showed 1963 to the Photokina for the first time publicly the method of the” fat disk “introduced by him, D. h. even who can be manufactured, a variable soft draughtsman for the fashion - and advertising photography.

In the year 1967 Lautenbacher with its colleagues Franz Lazi and Ludwig Windstosser organized the first exhibition” Commercial Photography “in Stuttgart in the William palace. it with the two friends and six other colleague the federation free lance photo designer (BFF ) created 1969, who increased in the meantime to a Standesorganistion recognized far away. Lautenbacher was up to its death honour executive committee of this professional association. 1972/74 built Lautenbacher its Studiohaus in Leonberg on Engelberg.

On Lautenbacher in the service the mode, photographed over 220 journeys abroad, which it mostly organized . Many good friendships had remained from these journeys for it, among other things with Eileen and Jerry Ford, Inhaber of at that time world largest model agency Ford Models in New York.

All its experiences, which it had won with the work for the mode editorships, flowed into its tasks for the industry also and in reverse. This benefitted per finds, knowledge tested in practical applications its pupils, whom it informed in its seminar Studio for mode photography from 1981 to 1991.

Lautenbacher was last married with Juliane Biallas, which became after their career as photo model a successful Fotografin and lives today in Athens , Greece. Lautenbacher had four sons, three of them with it practiced and is today as a documentary film producer (Klaus), mode photographer (Heinz) and advertising agency owner (Mark) independently, its youngest son (Tom H.) studies economic science.


archives walter E. Lautenbacher covers more than 7000 photos. Some its pictures are as Vintage prints in the museum for art and culture history Dortmund to see as well as in the collections WANING and SCHUPMANN.

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1989 George Eastman - medal in gold


  • produced mode photography 1953 - originated in to 1983 and like it. A chronology., 1994, ISBN 3-89322-677-X, excellently with the Kodak photo book price

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