Walter Gramatté

walter Gramatté (* 8. January 1897 in Berlin; † 9. February 1929 in Hamburg) was a German painter of magic realism. Its Ölgemälde are above all expression of Christian release longing and a mystischen view of nature.Further Gramatté Portraits created. Its work was coined/shaped by war experiences and illness.

Walter Gramatté died to 9. February 1929 32-jährig in Hamburg at the consequences of a Darmtuberkulose.

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  • the patient with the flowers (1918)
  • even under trees (1921)
  • even with broken eyes (1922)


the written deduction lies in archives for screen end art in the Germanic national museum.


  • Claus Pese: More than only art. Archives for screen end art in the Germanic national museum, Ostfildern Ruit 1998 (culture-historical walks in the Germanic national museum, Bd.2), S.74-77.

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