Walter roughly

walter rough (* 16. April 1924) is an accordionist and a composer from Switzerland. Its music is the Ländler. It originates from the Toggenburg in Swiss canton pc. Gallen and is a learned farmer.

A substantial portion of its living costs he earned the Bossbuebe from standard forest as a musi Kant with different Ländlerkapellen, among them. 1959-70 formed it, Alois Schilliger, Kari Keiser and Kaspar courage ago the Ländlerkapelle Heirassa. Starting from 1961 it stepped also with Hans and Oskar della Torre as Ländlertrio walter rough to the public. In the same year he transferred the restaurant alpine rose as a restaurant operator/barkeeper to Kriens, which he developed to a people music restaurant. 1980 it changed again vocationally, by occurring as a block flute farmer a block flute factory hearing gene. Its Handorgelduett with Franz Nauer into the late 1990er years was a further important station of the old master.

Its most well-known melodies:

  • Dur s' Toggeburg (Scottish) z'
  • cheek A d'r Aare (Foxtrot) ME
  • gönd i'd Loos (Mazurka) greeting
  • core (march) in its

work developed on off more for than 80 melodies, which require technical being able pronounced by the accordionists.


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