Walter Homolka

Dr. Walter Homolka (* 21. May 1964 in Landau to the Isar) is German Rabbiner, rector of the Abraham violonist Kollegs at the University of potsdam; Member of the board of the World union for progressive Judaism Jerusalem (since September 2005). Chairman of the Leo Baeck Foundation.

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Homolka occurred as a pupil the Israeli tables Kultusgemeinde Straubing , studied the fan philosophy, theology and financial sciences with a scholarship of the study donation of the German people and graduated 1986 to the “Baccalaureus theologiae seu divinitatis” (Ludwig Maximilians university Munich). It continued its study at the Leo Baeck college London . 1989 it acquired a certificate for Erwachsenenpädagogik (university for philosophy Munich). 1992 it attained a doctorate s college London at the King to' with a work over Rabbiner Leo Baeck and the German protest anti-mash. Its Magister in Jewish studies it acquired 1993 at the pc. David's University college Lampeter, University OF Wales. With successful conclusion of the examinations of the Leo Baeck college it was ordiniert 1997 to the Rabbiner.

After a vocational career/development and. A. during Bertelsmann, Greenpeace, the Alfred gentleman living company for international dialogue and the culture donation Deutsche Bank AG walter Homolka was appointed in September 2002 the rector of the Abraham violonist Kolleg, the first Rabbinerseminars in Germany since the Holocaust.

Since 2003 he is a chairman of the Kuratoriums of the Ursula Lübbe donation, since 2005 Chairman of the Leo Baeck Foundation. The former Rabbiner in Munich and Landesrabbiner of Lower Saxony potsdam teaches and held different Gastprofessuren, z at the university. B. to the New York University, the catholic Péter Pázmány University of Budapest and Kanonisti Institut potsdam. Presently/immediately it represents the chair for Jewish right.

Rabbiner Homolka was from 1997 to 2000 and again starting from 2004 member in the Governing Body of the World union for progressive Judaism and active in their „Governance " and “Rabbinic standard Committee “, member into „the Rabbinic Conference “„of the union OF liberal and progressive Synagogues “, in „the New York board OF rabbi “and in „the Reconstructionist Rabbinic Association “. He works in the discussion circle „Jews and Christians “at the central committee of the German catholics with and in the adviser of the Schirn arts center Frankfurt. It sits in „the Jewish Studies Advisory board “ the Princeton University and in the board „of the Solomon B. Freehof of institutes “for Jewish religion right.

It was Moses Mendelssohn - Fellow and German marshal Fund Fellow, in addition deputy donation councillor of the citizens of Berlin Philharmonics, member of the hessian culture commission and member of the supervisory board the Austrian federal theatres getting thing. From 1997 to 2000 member in the executive committee of the union of progressive Jews in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Walter Homolka is a columnist of the Austrian weekly paper the FURROW, co-editor of the row “from religion and right” with the publishing house franc & Timme, Berlin, as well as member in the adviser of the magazine “de processibus matrimonialibus”.


knights of the French Ehrenlegion, Austrian honour cross for science and art, knight of the Republic of Italy. Boarding school. Honour citizen of new Orleans. Numerous prices and honors.

works (selection)

  • environmental fund. Invest into the future, Economica publishing house, Bonn 1990
  • of the Sintflut in the Paradies. The peace as key term of Jewish theology, scientific book company, Darmstadt 1993 (with Albert H. Friedlander)
  • progressive Judentum - lives and teachings, Knesebeck, Munich 1999 (with Jonathan Romain)
  • the security business. Which you must know from shares, pensions, options and unit trust fund, Gabler, Wiesbaden 1994 (with Inge-borrow chew by and Andreas Küspert)
  • Culture roofridge - Promoting standard into the new Media Age, Cassell, London 1996 (with Kenneth Dyson)
  • the Judentum has many faces - the religious currents of the present, Knesebeck, Munich 1999, GTB Gütersloh 2000 (with Gilbert S. Rosenthal)
  • Schalom Ben Chorin. A life for the dialogue, Hrsg., Gütersloher publishing house house 1999
  • common before God. Prayers from Judentum, Christianity and Islam, Gütersloher publishing house house, August 2004 (with Martin Bauschke and Rabeya Mueller)
  • Leo Baeck: Jewish thinking - perspectives for today, Herder publishing house Freiburg March 2006
  • Leo Baeck - a sketch of its life, Gütersloher publishing house house November 2006 (with Elias H. Filling brook)

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