Walter Huston

walter Huston (* 6. April 1884 in Toronto; † 7. April 1950 in Hollywood) was a Canadian actor.

Huston began its actor career 1909 at the theatre. 1924 it debutierte at Broadway. To Hollywood he came 1929. In Victor Flemings early filming of The Virginian it played the cowboy Trampas 1929. This film was the basis for the later TV serial the people of the Shiloh Ranch. Its role transferred in the series Doug McClure.

It turned its most famous film in the high age 1948 with the treasure of the Sierra Madre at the side of Humphrey kind of bending. For this it received a OSCAR to 1949 as best Nebendarsteller.

Walter Huston is the father of director John Huston, which turned the treasure of the Sierra Madre, and which grandfather of the actress Anjelica Huston.

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