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walter matte-strike (* 1. October 1920 in New York, † 1. July 2000 in Santa Monica), actually walter Matthow was US - an American Filmschauspieler.

Matte-strike, which predominantly acted as a comedy actor and co-operated frequently with Jack Lemmon, coined/shaped its roles througha usually mürrisch verschrobene, but always love-worth attitude, which by its brand name, its “Knautschgesicht” was underlined, nor.

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the Matuschanskayasky legend

is often called the name Matuschanskayasky as matte house correct name, thishowever not and is a legend is correct, for which it was with responsible considerably.

Matte-strike was admits for the fact that it invented often jokeful stories, which it spoke however seriously in particular if it in interviews the same questions to answer again and again had. Thus statedit often, its second first name is Foghorn (dt. Nebula horn) or it is in the succession of the British throne. These stories were partly taken seriously, which matte-strike however amused.

The name Matuschanskayasky appeared for the first time in removes the film “earthquake”, in matte-strikes a drunk guest ina bar plays. Originally as short Cameo appearance meant, name should be thus actually not in removes appears. During the finished cut version it became however clear it that its appearance corresponded rather to that a Nebenrolle and was thus called its name. This had been never its intentionand in such a way it ensured for the fact that it as a walter Matuschanskayasky in remove appeared.

If it were responded in interviews to it, it answered usually that its actual name was, whereby it often decorated this with further stories over an alleged espionage career of its father.

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  • 1955 - the man from Kentucky (The Kentuckian) direction: Burt Lancaster - role: SAM Bodine
  • 1955 - between two fires (The Indian Fighter) direction: André De Toth - role: Wes Todd
  • 1956 - a handful of hope (Bigger Than would run) direction: Nicholas Ray -Role: Wally Gibbs
  • 1957 - the face in the quantity (A Face into the Crowd), with Lee Remick, Patricia Neal direction: Elia Kazan - role: Mel Miller
  • 1957 - three steps before hell (Slaughter on Tenth Avenue) direction: Arnold lavas - role: AluminiumDahlke
  • 1958 - The white devil of Arkansas (Ride A Crooked Trail) direction: Jesse Hibbs - role: Judge Kyle
  • 1958 - my life is the rhythm (King Creole) direction: Michael Curtiz - Rolle: Maxie Fields
  • 1958 - Voice in The Mirror (Harry cellar) role: Dr.Leon Karnes
  • 1958 - the bulb head (Onionhead) direction: Norman Taurog - role: Talk Wildoe
  • 1959 - gangster story (gangster story) direction: To walter matte-strike - role: Jack Martin
  • 1960 - foreigner, if we meet (Strangers When incoming goods Meet) direction: Smelling pool of broadcasting corporations Quine - role: Felix differently
  • 1961 - The courageous ones (Lonely of acres the good ones) are lonely direction: David Miller - role: Sheriff Johnson
  • 1962 - in each case Deinetwegen (Who's Got The Action?) Direction: Daniel man - role: Tony Gagoots
  • 1963 - (Iceland OF Love) direction: Morton there Costa - role: TonyDallas
  • 1963 - Charade direction: Stanley Donen - role: Hamilton Bartholomew
  • 1964 - wo1 powder operation Pacific (Ensign powder) direction: Joshua Logan - role: Ship's doctor
  • 1964 - Attack target Moscow (Fail Safe) direction: Sidney Lumet - role: Grotesque-heal
  • 1964 - Goodbye Charlie (Goodbye Charlie) direction: Vincente Minnelli - role: Sir Leopold Sartori
  • 1964 - the 27. Floor (Mirage) direction: Edward Dmytryk - role: Ted Caselle
  • 1966 - the luck mushroom (The Fortune Cookie) direction: Billy of savages - role: Willie go-smell
  • 1966 - manual for side jumps (A Guide for the Married one)Direction:Genes Kelly - role: Paul Manning
  • 1967 - a strange pair (The Odd Couple) direction: Genes Saks - role: OSCAR Madison
  • 1968 - the secret life of an American (The Secret would run OF at American Wife) direction: George Axelrod - role: Film star
  • 1968 - Candy (Candy)Direction: Christian Marquand - role: General Smight
  • 1968 - Hello Dolly! (Hello, Dolly!) with Barbra Streisand, direction: Genes Kelly - role: Horace Vandergelder (the only film, in matte-strike also sang)
  • 1969 - the Kaktusblüte (Cactus Flower), with Ingrid Bergman and Goldie Hawn, Direction: Genes Saks - role: Julian vienna clay/tone
  • 1970 - none killt as badly as I (A new Leaf) direction: Elaine May - role: Henry Graham
  • 1970 - hotel whisper (Plaza Suite) direction: Arthur Hiller - role: SAM Noah/Jesse Kiplinger/Roy Hubley
  • 1971 - Grandpakann's do not leave (Kotch) direction:Jack Lemmon - role: Joseph P. Kotcher
  • 1972 - Peter and Tillie (Pete “n” Tillie) direction: Martin ride - role: Pete Seltzer
  • 1973 - the large coup (Charley Varrick) direction: Don seal - role: Charley Varrick
  • 1973 - mass murder inSan Francisco (The lye-hung Policeman) direction: Stuart rose mountain - role: Jake Martin
  • 1974 - the death travel of the underground 123 ( The Taking OF Pelham One Two Three) stops direction: Joseph Sargent - role: Lieutenant Garber
  • 1974 - earthquake (Earthquake) direction: Mark of Robson - role: Dauertorkler
  • 1974- Special edition (The Front Page) direction:Billy of savages - role: Walter Burns
  • 1975 - the Sunny Boys (The Sunshine Boys) direction: Harsh ore Ross - role: Willy Clark
  • 1975 - The Gentleman Tramp (smelling pool of broadcasting corporations Patterson) role: Storyteller
  • 1976 - The bears are the matter (The bath newsBears) direction: Michael Ritchie - role: Morris Buttermaker
  • 1978 - the champion (Casey's Shadow) direction: Martin ride - role: Lloyd Bourdell
  • 1978 - house attendance (House call) direction: Howard Zieff - role: Dr. Charles Nichols
  • 1978 - the moved California hotel (California Suite) direction: Harsh ore Ross -Role: Marvin Michaels
  • 1980 - a sweet Fratz (Little measure marker) direction: Walter amber - role: Sorrowful Jones
  • 1980 - Hopscotch - Aussteiger/bluff Poker - a slot ear packs from (Hopscotch) direction: Ronald Neame - role: Miles Kendig
  • 1981 - one Monday in October(Roofridge Monday in October) direction: Ronald Neame - role: Dan Snow
  • 1981 - Buddy, Buddy, with Jack Lemmon, Klaus Kinski, direction: Billy of savages - role: Trabucco
  • 1982 - Actually I wanted direction to the film (I Ought ton in Pictures): Harsh ore Ross- Role: Harsh ore Tucker
  • 1983 - the survival artists (The Survivors) direction: Michael Ritchie - role: Sonny Paluso
  • 1986 - Piraten (Pirates) direction: Novel Polański - role: Captain talk
  • 1991 - JFK - scene Dallas direction: Olive Stone - role: Senator Long
  • 1991 - Mrs. Lambertslast journey (Mrs. Lambert Remembers Love) direction: To Charles matte-strike - role: Clifford
  • 1993 - Dennis (Dennis the Menace) direction: Nod Castle - role: George Wilson
  • 1993 - Grumpy old men (a crazy pair) with Jack Lemmon, direction: Donald Petrie - role: Max
  • 1994 - I.Q. - Love is relative (I. Q.) with Meg Ryan, direction: Fred Schepisi - role: Albert Einstein
  • 1995 - the grass harp (The Grass Harp) direction: To Charles matte-strike - role: Judge Charlie cool one
  • 1995 - Grumpier old men (third spring), with Jack Lemmon, Sophia trucks and Ann Margret
  • 1996 - I am not Rappaport (I'm emergency Rappaport), direction: Harsh Gardner - role: Nat Moyer
  • 1997 - Tango obligingly/pleasingly? (Out ton of Sea) with Jack Lemmon, Brent Spiner, direction: Martha Coolidge - role: Charlie Gordon
  • 1998 - stilla strange pair (The Odd Couple II) with Jack Lemmon, direction: Howard Deutch - role: OSCAR Madison
  • 2000 - presented! (Hanging UP) with Meg Ryan, direction: DIANE Keaton - role: Lou Mozell


  • OSCAR for 1966 as best Nebendarstellerin “the luck mushroom”
  • OSCAR nominating for 1971 as best leading actors in “Grandpa kann's do not leave”
  • OSCAR nominating for 1975 as best leading actors into “the Sunny Boys”


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