Walter Mondale

walter Frederick ‚Fritz `Mondale (* 5. January 1928 in Ceylon, Minnesota) is a democratic politician and was between 1977 and 1981 of the 42. US vice-president.

Mondale studied law and worked since 1956 as a lawyer. 1960 he became prosecutor general von Minnesota. From 1965 to 1976 he was a representative of its state in the US senate. 1977 he was then appointed under Jimmy Carter the US vice-president. When Carter 1981 lost the presidency elections against Ronald Reagan, Mondale turned back to its activity as an attorney. The democratic party selected it 1984 to its presidency candidate. It was subject to the popular office holder Reagan however clearly with 13 to 525 electors.

Only under the next democratic US president Bill Clinton returned Mondale to a political office. Clinton appointed it the American Ambassador in Japan. 2002 withdrew Mondale at short notice as a candidate for the US senate the political stage, after office holder senator Paul Wellstone (D-Mi) died with an aircraft crash. It lost the choice in Minnesta scarcely against the republican standard Coleman.


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