Walter Norman Haworth

walter Norman Haworth (* 19. March 1883 in White Coppice; † 19. March 1950 in Birmingham) was a British chemist, who admits C for its research over the Vitamin became.


After it first a time long in that linoleum - factory of its father had worked, it came to the break with its parents' house, and it studied chemistry. After the study he became an assistant of the British chemist Edmund Hirst. 1934 succeededit it, for the first time a Vitamin, i.e. the Vitamin C to synthesize.

Haworth received the Nobelpreis for chemistry to 1937 “for its research over coal hydrates and Vitamin C “. It divided this honor with Swiss chemist Paul Karrer,over Vitamine had likewise worked. 1948, two years before its death, Haworth for its earnings/services were ennobled.

The Haworth projection, a ring formula for the representation of cyclic coal hydrates, was designated after it.

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