Walter Percy Chrysler

walter Percy Chrysler (* 2. April 1875 in Wamego, Kansas; † 18. August 1940 in Kings POINT, Long Iceland, New York) was an US-American automobile pioneer and founder of the international automobile enterprise Chrysler corporation.

Chrysler gave up to 1919 its place as a president of Buick and became 1921 director of the Willys Overland and Maxwell engine company, which fused 1925 to the Chrysler corporation.

Walter P. Chrysler was born 1875 as a son of the Lokomotivingenieurs Henry Chrysler and its Mrs. Mary in Wamego ( US Federal State Kansas). Later its family drew three years after Ellis not far from Hays.

To 4. June 1900 married Chrysler Della Forker, with whom it had three children - Thelma, Bernice and walter P.


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