Walter Rilla

walter William Karl Ernst Rilla (* 22. August 1894 in nine-churches to the Saar; † 21. November 1980 in rose home) was a German actor.

For the 1920er years walter Rilla, brother belonged with Thomas's man admitted Paul Rilla, to the most important German character actors. it played 1926 beside Elizabeth Bergner in “the playing the violin player of Florenz “, 1928 beside Marlene Dietrich in “princess Olala “. 1933 it emigrierte to England, where it remained up to the end of the 1950er years as recognized Nebendarsteller in productions like “star OF India” or “sabotage agent”.

It had its first appearance in Germany again into “the confessions of the Hochstaplers Felix Krull “at the side of Liselotte powder and refuge book wood. Extremely successfully were its employments into the Edgar Wallace - filmings “the counterfeiter of London “and” room 13 “, equally its films remain” the will of the Dr. Mabuse “and” Scotland yard hunt Dr. Mabuse “unforgotten. It was, as Klaus Kinski or Dieter Bor not to exclude from the crime films of the 1960er years.

Beyond that Rilla was writer, film script author, producer, director and a television actor. It became in the 70's to the Grandseigneur of the German film industry and had its last appearance beside Ruth Leuwerik and Martin hero in “disorder and early wrong”.

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