Walter Rudolf Hess

walter Rudolf Hess (* 17. March 1881 in woman Mrs., Switzerland; † 12. August 1973 in Muralto today to Locarno, Switzerland) was a Swiss physiologist.

1949 kept it and Egas Moniz the Nobelpreis for physiology or medicine for the discovery of the functional organization of the Zwischenhirns for the co-ordination of the activity common from internal organs.


  • Hess WR: The Zwischenhirn and the regularization of cycle and respiration. Leipzig: Thieme, 1932.
  • Hess WR: The functional organization of the vegetative nervous system. Basel: Schwabe, 1948.
  • Hess WR: The Zwischenhirn. Syndromes, localizations, functions. Basel: Schwabe, 1949; 2. extended edition: 1954.
  • Hess WR: Hypothalamus and Thalamus. Experimental documents. Stuttgart: Thieme, 1956.
  • Hess WR: Psychology in biological view. Stuttgart: Thieme; 1968.

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