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walter cross-eyed (* 8. July 1919 in Solingen) is a German politician (FDP).

It was from 1961 to 1966 Federal Ministers for economic co-operation, from 1969 to 1974 Federal Ministers of the foreign one and deputies of the Federal Chancellor as well as from 1974 to 1979 Federal President of the Federal Republic of Germany.

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training and occupation

cross-eyed came in the Solinger local part high-separate as a son of a Stellmachers to the world, it is Evangelist faith. Afterthe Abitur on the High School sword route 1938 cross-eyed began bank teachings, which he had to interrupt however due to his summoning 1939. He was until 1945 a soldier at the Air Force. After end of war it was until 1953 as a managing director in the industryand in federations actively. Afterwards it worked as independent economic advisers in Duesseldorf. 1958 he became a managing director of the market research institute Intermarket and the financial company interfinance.


after 24-jähriger marriage died 1966 his first Mrs. Eva Charlotte, geb.Crown mountain. From 1969 to its death in the year 1985 it was with mild-talks cross-eyed, geb. Wirtz, marries. It brought the daughter to Cornelia cross-eyed also into the marriage. Mild-talk cross-eyed was Begründerin of the German cancer assistance registered association.From this marriage1970 Andrea Gwendoline cross-eyed as well as two further children came out. The son Simon Martin cross-eyed was adopted 1971 from Bolivia. 1988 married walter enviously Barbara meadow.

a party

NSDAP membership

over the membership in the NSDAP givesit two different in each case not occupied data. A thesis means that walter was cross-eyed toward end of the rule of the national socialism member of the NSDAP. A Gegenthese that by federal archives in Berlin would be occupied, cross-eyed was mentioned no member.

starting from 1946 in the FDP

since 1946 is cross-eyed member of the FDP. Since 1954 enviously member of the FDP regional-level party council was in North Rhine-Westphalia and starting from 1956 additional member of the Federal Administration of the FDP. In the same year cross-eyed belonged to the so-called. Young Turk, (among other things with Erich Mende, Willi Weyer, Hans's Wolfgang ruby and Wolfgang DO ring), those the coalition change of the FDP in North Rhine-Westphalia from the CDU to the SPD introduced and thus the splitting off of group of Eulers and the establishment thatshort-lived free people's party (FVP) provoked. 1968 he was finally selected as a successor of Erich Mende to the Federal leader of the FDP. To beginning of the 1970er years belonged it with Werner Maihofer and Karl ago man flat to the authors of the free citizens theses, the newBasic policy statement of the FDP. With its choice to the Federal President 1974 it laid down then all party offices. After the end of its term of office as Federal President he was appointed 1979 the honorary chairman of the FDP.

From 1968 he was vice-president of the “liberals world union” (predecessor that Liberal international one).


from 1948 to 1950 was enviously an town councillor in its hometown Solingen. From 1950 to 1954 it was member of the federal state parliament of North Rhine-Westphalia. finally 1953 it became member of the German federal daily,which it up to 27. June 1974 belonged, it laid down to be mandate because of the choice to the Federal President.

Of the 1. July 1956 to 20. November 1961 was it in addition member of the European parliament. Here it was from 1959 to 1962 chairmen of the committee for questions of the Assozierung of the overseas countries and areas and since 1958 stv. Chairman of the liberals parliamentary group. From 1967 to 1969 he was vice-president of the German federal daily.

public offices

after that Election to the Bundestag 1961 became cross-eyed to 14. November 1961 in the cabinet appointed by Federal Chancellor Konrad Adenauer the Federal Minister for economic co-operation. To 19. November 1962 it withdrew on the occasion of the mirror affair as well as the other FDP Federal Ministers from protest. Thereupon to 13. It belonged to December 1962 without the disputed Secretary of Defense Franz Josef bunch educated cabinet then however with same function. It kept this office also in the Federal Government led by Federal Chancellor Ludwig Erhard. Because of a controversy over thatIt stepped Federal Budget to 28. October 1966 together with the other FDP Federal Ministers of its office back.

After the election to the Bundestag 1969 it worked considerably toward the education of a social liberal Federal Government and became in the cabinet of Willy Brandt to 22. October 1969 the vice-chancellor and appointed the Federal Minister of the foreign one. 1970 visited cross-eyed as a first German minister of foreign affairs Israel, which was recognized diplomatically 1965. Is considered enviously together with Willy Brandt as a “father of the policy of detente “and the new German politics, thosefirst against the Union parties is sharply fought and also to parliamentary group withdrawals with the government parties SPD and FDP leads, so that these lose the majority in the German Bundestag. The new elections 1972 strengthen both the SPD, and Scheels FDP and provethe general acceptance of the social liberals politics.

After the resignation from Federal Chancellor Brandt to 7. May 1974 noticed cross-eyed on request of the Federal President the office business of the Federal Chancellor, to Helmut Schmidt to 16. May 1974 to the new Federal Chancellor was selected. Tosame day separated cross-eyed from the Federal Cabinet. Thus cross-eyed was nine days long acting Federal Chancellor.

With the Federal President choice 1974 to 14. May 1974 it became with 530 voices of SPD and FDP in the Presidential Election Council against smelling pool of broadcasting corporations von Weizsäcker(CDU, 498 voices) to the fourth Federal President selected and stepped the Federal Republic of Germany at the 1. July 1974 its new office on.

Thus cross-eyed for two days of acting Federal Chancellors and selected Federal President were in, an condition-historically unique procedure.

For those Federal President choice 1979 it made available not again due to majority conditions in the Presidential Election Council and separated thereby to 30. June 1979 from the office.

Since 1979 pensioner is cross-eyed, since he was not allowed to pursue a regular vocational activity as Federal President.By the law of Theodor Heuss get the former Federals President the so-called honouring old and a small office.

honorary offices

from 1967 to 1974 was cross-eyed stv. Chairmen of the FDPnear Friedrich Naumann donation, 1979 he became a chairman of their Kuratorium.Since 1991 he is honorary chairman of the Friedrich Naumann donation. From 1980 to 1985 he was a chairman of the conference of picture mountain and 1980 to 1989 president of the European union. Honour member of the German society for language and seal.

Is cross-eyed honorary chairman of the Kuratoriums of Flat international and honorary president of the GermanBritish society.


cross-eyed the Theodor Heuss price is lent to honours, 1974 followed the medal against animal Ernst. 1977 it was distinguished with the Karl price. Walter cross-eyed is since 1976 honour citizens its hometown Solingen, since 1978 of Berlin and Bonn and since 1979 of Duesseldorf. It is like all German Federals President Träger of the highest German medal (special stage of the Order of Merit).

Honour doctor of the universities is cross-eyed in Georgetown, Maryland (both USA), Auckland (New Zealand), Bristol (Great Britain) and Heidelberg.

Walter cross-eyed was also distinguished over 60 international medals.


much admits became also walter Scheels musical appearance with the Volkslied „high on the yellow car“, which it took up together with the Düsseldorfer of men singing association. In January 1974 the song rose to place 1 of the German hit parade. 2006 was it again in a TV-show of the moderator Gunther Emmerlich to guest, where it of Hans Dietrich Genscher a price was presented, and sang with a choir the mentioned song.


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