Walter Schulz

walter Schulz (* 18. November 1912 in grace field/Upper Silesia; † 12. June 2000 in Tübingen) was a German philosopher.

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Schulz studied classical philology, philosophy and Evangelist theology at the Universities of Marburg, Breslau and Leipzig. After heavy Verwundung as a soldier in the Second World War it attained a doctorate 1944 with Hans George Gadamer in Leipzig and habilitierte themselves to 1950 in Heidelberg. 1955 it was appointed as a professor to the University of Tübingen. A call to Freiburg in mash gau on the chair the Martin Heideggers it rejected 1958 . Up to its retirement 1978 it to the Tübinger scholar with the largest audience belonged.


at its 1955 published Habilitationsschrift „the completion of the German idealism in late philosophy Schellings “developed Schulz the thesis that contrary to the conventional representation not in Hegels system the theoretical high point of German idealistic philosophy was to be seen, but in Schellings late philosophy. Schulz the baselines of its in the further work unfolded developed here philosophy-historical integration of the idealism and the philosophy later 19. Century into the general context of the European Metaphysik - a connection, which will show up ever more than a break with metaphysical certainnesses.

In the following years it continued to work out spruce and Søren Kierkegaard this central thought with contributions over the position of the Philosophierens for instance with Nikolaus Cusanus , Johann God-dear: that philosophy lost its reason from the connection of the classical European Metaphysik and in the view of the breakingness of the human world purchase nevertheless as critical instance of thinking necessary is further. In its Hauptwerken „“and „I and world “he places this problem to philosophy in the changed world in the center of the attempt to give a local and a delimitation of the frontier of the subjectivity making sure in thinking.


  • the completion of the German idealism in late philosophy Schellings (1955)
  • the God of the modern Metaphysik (1957)
  • philosophy in the changed world (1972)
  • I and world (1979)
  • Metaphysik of floating (1985)
  • Grundprobleme of the ethics (1989)
  • subjectivity in the after-metaphysical age (1992)
  • the broken world purchase (1994)

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