Walter Simons

walter Simons (* 24. September 1861 in Elberfeld (today: Wuppertal - Elberfeld); † 14. July 1937 in Nowawes/Babelsberg (today: Potsdam)) were a German lawyer and politician.

It was a pupil of the lawyer Rudolph Sohm and in addition by the human in an educated manner and by the lutherischen Pietismus coined/shaped. After positions at the office for realm law 1905 and at the Foreign Office 1911 Simons became in October 1918 boss of the Reichskanzlei. He was a general commissioner of the German peace delegation in Versailles and withdrew, because he rejected the Versailler contract.

Of 25. June 1920 up to 4. May 1921 he was a non-party minister of foreign affairs of the German Reich in the cabinet Fehrenbach, which led a government coalition from center , strip packing and DVP, and represented as such the German Reich at the conference of Spa in July 1920 and the conference of London in March 1921.

He was from 1922 to 1929 president of the realm court in Leipzig and in this function of the death of Ebert up to the choice Hindenburgs from March to May 1925 a kommissarischer realm president. It laid down its office at the realm court from protest against the unconstitutional interference of the realm government into a floating procedure. Since 1929 Simons was a professor for international law in Leipzig.

In addition it was member of the German Evangelist church committee and from 1925 to 1935 president of the Evangelist-social congress. It represented the lutherische denomination also internationally publicly to the Stockholm conference 1925.

He is a grandfather of Wolfgang Huber, whose father Ernst Rudolf Huber was married with Tula Simons (late Huber Simons). Tula Simons was likewise Juristin and in that Weimar time female assistant of Carl Schmitt.


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