Walter Stampfli

walter Stampfli (* 3. December 1884; † 11. October 1965), homeland-entitled in Aeschi, was a Swiss politician (FDP).

It became to 18. July 1940 into the Upper House of Parliament selected. To 31. To December over 1947 he handed his office after itto 18. November its resignation had explained.

From 1921 to 1940 he was a secretary, director and board of directors of the society the Ludwig of Roll iron works.

It was national council (1931-1940, free-intimately, Solothurn). While as Upper House of Parliament (1940-1947) it managed its term of office the national economy section, was periodicalit vice-president in the year 1943 and Federal President in the year 1944. Member of the financial and economic delegation of the Upper House of Parliament.


  • “… each thought, Switzerland assumes that, with Germany it is and one has no more consideration to take, absolutely wronglyis. The Upper House of Parliament puts on the contrary large weight, not only politically to stand but also economically with Germany in good relations. … The Upper House of Parliament does not drive politics, those is dependent from the war misfortune or war luck… “(note of Hans's king over discussion to 20. January1944 with Federal President Walther Stampfli, 21. January 1944. DDS, Bd. 15, S. 197 [1])

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  • During the Second World War there was an free-intimate national economy Minister, roll ago Stampfli, a Solothurner of freeintimate. We would have argued, if we were met. Then it gave in the cantonSolothurn a company Bally, who manufactured shoes, also military shoes. The boss of the company Bally, Iwan Bally, sat as an free-intimate condition advice in this committee [condition advice], as it was right itself at that time for an free-intimate entrepreneur from Solothurn. The employees of the company Bally wanted alsothe Mr. Bally lock a GAV, and the Mr. Bally said: “Nevertheless infrage, I does not come the regle everything.” There the trade unions went to the Mr. Stampfli, and that was free intimate and in former times of roll - director and Helveter and had Schmisse etc. There the gentleman saidStampfli: “We want arranged conditions in the canton Solothurn”, let the Iwan Bally come and said: To “you can supply no more military shoes Iwan with, if you with these trade unions does not lock a collective contract.” Bally had a GAV up to the last day.[2]
  • For the four 1940 againselected federal advice (Enrico Celio to 22.2. , Roll ago Stampfli on 18.7. , Karl Kobelt and Eduard von Steiger to 10. 12.) David Victor Kelly, the British envoy in Berne found, praising words. Only Enrico Celio stands “collaborationist tendencies OF M. Pilet Golaz” close, which is others “menOF character”, although it concerns representatives of the social aristocracy, which is more defätistischer in Switzerland as fewer privileged conditions.[3]
  • Dr. Roll ago Stampfli, the Federal President for the year 1944, promised then the Swiss people in its New Year speech the introduction of the age and leaving insurance(AHV) on the 1. January 1948. Although this promise was bold in each regard at that time, the collecting main - as planned - could be set in time into force. Extensive pre-working of an expert commission and the thorough consultation in the Swiss parliament in only approx. Followed 7 months,after in the meantime against the bill mainly citizens of the west and inside Switzerland had seized the referendum, to 6. July 1947 the popular vote. 80% the being correct citizen found the way to the urn. 862,036 or 79.3% of the being correct spoke themselves for, 215,496 or 20,7% against the AHV out. These 79.3% represent in terms of figures the largest majority, which help one collecting main each to success.[4]
  • Apropoz AHV: Our AHV is not a “child” of the Social Democrat Hanspeter Tschudi, but the Solothurner of free-intimate Upper House of Parliament roll ago Stampfli! [5]
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Hermann Obrecht

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