Walter Tausk

walter Tausk (* 16. April 1890 in Trebnitz, Niederschlesien; besides † 1941 in the Ghetto of Kowno, Lithuania) were probably a commercial agent in Breslau and tried as a writer.

In its diaries Tausk concentrated since the seizure of power by the national socialists on the description of the political like everyday Zeitgeschehens. It was, since it came of to a Jewish family, which Drangsalierungen by the authorities increasingly suspended, which lends additional authenticity to its recordings. Rope sports club diaries may not be considered today as time document, which disproves the statement represented in the post-war period of many Germans, it from the crimes committed at their fellow men to anything would have known.

“Rope sports club of diaries”, then for instance the publisher R. judges. Kincel in the preface of the center of the seventies in Germany selection appeared, “let the conviction win that the German average citizen was informed sufficiently about the inhumanen machinations of the German fascists. It was sufficient to keep eyes and ears open. “

Tausk, which had visited the High School in deer mountain (Niederschlesien), had completed carpenter teachings and had studied one term at the royal academy of arts Breslau, earned its living costs as a commercial agent for furniture and furnishings, felt however destined as the writer. The novels written by him found however no publisher. A novella was only printed 1924. Tausk entrance to buddhistischen circles, which already unfolded an active life in the twenties also in Germany, found entwurzelt to the Jewish faith. Here it supplied different contributions for relevant magazines. Seized of the National Socialist public administration as a Jew and without the financial means, Germany to abandoned, taken place its Deportation from Breslau in December 1941. Probably Tausk died a little later in the Ghetto of Kowno.

The fact that a good part of its diaries remained is to be owed obviously to the circumstance that they were handed over during the housing dissolution to the Breslauer Gestapo for “check because of rushing writing”. The still existing volumes are today in the handwriting cabinet of the university library Breslau.


Tausk, walter: Breslauer diary 1933-1940, given change of Ryszard Kincel, wolf Jobst settler publishing house, Berlin 1988, ISBN 3-88680-274-4.


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