Walter von Keudell

walter von Keudell (* 17. July 1884 in Castellamare di Stabia (Italy); † 7. May 1973 in Bonn) was a German politician (DNVP, CDU).

After the study of the jurisprudence it occurred the Prussian government service, was coworker of the realm grain place and became 1916 land advice in king mountain. In connection with the cut Putsch it was shifted 1920 into the retirement.

Keudell belonged 1924 to 1930 to the German Reichstag as a delegate. In the fourth cabinet Marx he officiated from January 1927 to June 1928 as a realm Minister for inside. In May 1928 the realm court rejected its request to forbid the communist “red front fighter federation “.

1929 left Keudell from protest against the course Alfred Hugenbergs the DNVP and became member in the land people. After the seizure of power of the national socialists it became 1933 general forest masters and 1941 again land advice in king mountain.

After the Second World War it became 1948 member of the CDU and worked within the field of the refugee politics.


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