Roll ago writers

roll ago writers (* 10. June 1884 in Pustleben (resin); † 30. June 1958 in Berlin) was a German politician. First it was member of the liberals German a democratic party (strip packing) and as suchof 1925 - 1932 Prussian Minister of Trade.

After the war he became Christian democrat. He was joint founder of the CDU in the SBZ.

With the choice to the citizen of Berlin Lower House 1950 he was leading candidate of its party. While the SPD with 44,7%the absolute mandate majority only around two seats missed, reached the CDU 24.6% of the voices and the FDP 23.0%.

Ernst Reuter, to date acting governing mayor, was endeavored, the past three-party coalition from SPD, CDU and FDPto continue, what encountered agreement of the CDU, however writer did not prevent to place itself to the Lower House beside Reuter to the choice. After both 62 voices received each, writer did in favor of Reuters without a maintenance his candidacy.

After Reuters deathto 29. September 1953 broke the coalition, the SPD went into the opposition and writer became a governing mayor.

With the elections to the citizen of Berlin Lower House 1954 increased the CDU on 30,4% of the voices, however the FDP sagged up12.8% of the voices off, so that the 44.6%, which the SPD received, were sufficient for the profit of the absolute mandate majority. The SPD died a coalition with the CDU and new governing mayor became Otto Suhr (SPD).

In Berlin is at the border between Steglitz and beautiful mountain a place after roll ago writer designated.

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