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Ludwigshafen on the Rhine
Expenditure Speyerer round-look
23. February 2005:

Six stars for dialect Schmaus

… It is round a bright joy, their masterful poems around the Pfälzer and the region… to read. It however once in full travel at one lecture evening to experience, is the absolute literary dialect benefit. Waltraud Meissner is a Koryphäe of the pfälzischen dialect…

Waltraud Meissner (* 16. April 1940 in Waldleiningen) is Pfälzer Mundartdichterin, book authoress and often times Preisträgerin with dialect competitions. She lives in the pfälzischen district town bath Dürkheim (crying race).

In the central Pfälzer forest born, buildup Waltraud Meissner far south in the Dahner rock country , by whose südpfälzischem Idiom it was lastingly coined/shaped. Although it lives since center of the 1960er years in the vorderpfälzischen bath Dürkheim, it accepted relatively little from the there dialect.

so far

Waltraud Meissner has works sieves dialect books - all in the self publishing house - published:

  • The Babbelschnut, 1988
  • the Rockschees, 1990
  • the Rotznas, 1992
  • Pälzer Philosovieh, 1995
  • Pälzer poetry un it, 1998
  • De (r) humans - humans, 2000
  • Derkemer speed-read, 2005


Waltraud Meissner numerous prices with all important Pfälzer dialect competitions won - in bucking home, THEN city, Gonbach and barrier-half.

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