Waltraud Wolff

Waltraud Wolff

Waltraud Wolff (* 15. March 1956 in Weissandt Gölzau with Köthen) is a German politician of the SPD.


Waltraud Wolff visited the poly-technical high school in Wolmirstedt , which it with the 10 from 1962 to 1972. Class locked. After a specialized school study from 1972 to 1976 at Institut for teacher formation in Magdeburg with the conclusion lower level teacher, participated her from 1993 to 1995 at occupation-accompanying study the March in Luther university resounding joke mountain (field Geistigbehindertenpädagogik). From 1995 to 1998 she was a head mistress at a special school for mentally handicappeds in Wolmirstedt. She is nut/mother of 4 children, 2 girls and boys each in the age of 17 to 30 years.

political career

  • before 1990 no memberships in parties or organizations of the GDR
  • 1991 party entry
  • 1990 - 1994 member Kreistag of the Wolmirstedt
  • 1994 - 2002 member in the SPD state executive committee of the SPD Saxonia-Anhalt
  • starting from 1998 member of the German federal daily (member in the committee for nutrition, agriculture and consumer protection)
  • spokeswoman of the SPD Bundestag faction in the committee for nutrition, agriculture and consumer protection

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