Wanda Jackson

Wanda Jackson, actually Wanda Lavonne Jackson (* 20. October 1937 in Maud, Oklahoma), US - American Rockabilly - and Country - singer.

Wanda Jackson was born in Oklahoma, grew however starting from their 4. Lebensjahr in California up. As a child it learned guitar and piano to play. With 15 years it won a talent competition and was allowed daily one quarter of an hour in a local Radiosender to arise. The Countrysänger Hank Thompson heard it there and encouraged it to further appearances. It insisted however on it, only its High School - conclusion making. Starting from 1955 it went on tour, among other things with Elvis Presley, which guessed it to transfer of the Countrymusik to Rockabilly. 1961 married it and got two children. Its man Wendell gave his occupation up with IBM , in order to become their manager.

Wanda Jackson was the first woman, who made “wild” music like their male colleagues and sang its Songs with rauer voice. For the rather prüde America it was too wild, and it had its largest successes abroad. For its fans abroad it sang among other things also in German, Dutch and Japanese. 1959 stood for Fujijama mummy for months at the point of the Japanese hit parade. You until today most well-known Rock'n'Roll - title was 1960 Let's Have A party. At Germany it arrived better with gentler songs. It was most successful with a German version of Santo Domingo, a slower Countrystück. The title came 1965 up to place 5 of the German hit parade. Further hits were Silver Threads and golden Needles - the first admission of the today's Country classical author, Stupid Cupid as well as two titles even written, right Or Wrong and Mean Mean one.

Wanda Jackson played Gospelmusik beside Rock'n'Roll and Country temporarily also. In its career it took up more than 50 albums and also goes along over 60 years still on tour. It received numerous honours, among other things it to the Oklahoma Country music resound to OF Fame, the Rockabilly resound to OF Fame and internationally the Gospel music resound to OF Fame taken up.


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