Wang Junxia

Junxia Wang (王军霞) (* 19. January 1973 in Jiaohe, province Jilin, People's Republic of China) is a Chinese light athlete and Olympiasiegerin.

Wang is considered as the fastest Mrs. Chinas and has an impressing sporty career behind itself. So z. B. a 1. Place over 10.000 m with the youth world championships 1992, the 1. Place over 10.000 m with the world championships 1993 in Stuttgart, in each case the 1. Place over 3000 m as well as over 10.000 m with the national championships, the 1. Place over 10.000 m with the Asia plays 1994 in Hiroshima, Japan, the 1. Place with Beijing internationally Marathon 1994 as well as 2 x 1. Place over 5000 m and 10,000 m with the asiatic championships 1995 in Jakarta, Indonesia.

The Chinese Wang won with the XXVI. Olympic summer games 1996 in Atlanta in 5000 m the run the gold medal before the Kenianerin Pauline Konga (silver) and the Italian Roberta Brunet (bronze) as well as silver medal in 10.000 m the run behind the Portugiesin Fernanda Ribeiro (gold) and before the Äthiopierin Gete Wami.

After the olympic plays 1996 it terminated only once its training and became business partner of a manufacturer for bodybuilding devices, went the university around their law studies continuing and married in May 1997. In September 1998 it went continuing to the Colorado State University around its study.


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