Warren Weaver

Warren Weaver (* 17. July 1894 in Reedsburg, Wisconsin; † 24. November 1978) was an US-American mathematician and father of the machine translation.

Weaver was together with Claude Shannon founder of the communication theory.

it submitted a series of essays to 1949 over the machine translation by computers , which admits as Weaver memorandum is. Herein he formulated goals and ideas of the execution of the machine translation, before most had at all understood, what computers of carrying out would be capable. It made four fundamental acceptance, in order to overcome the simplifying word for word translation: (1) the translation must happen from the context; (2) there is a logical component in the language; (3) cryptographic methods can be used; (4) there are universal linguistic conditions.


  • W. Weaver; C. E. Shannon: The Mathematical Theory OF Communication. Urbana, Illinois: University OF Illinois press, 1949

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