Waiting mountain whether the Aist

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Land of the Federal Republic: Upper Austria
political district: Free city (FR)
surface: 20 km ²
inhabitants: 3.745 (conditions: 31. December 2002)
Height: 477 m and. NN
postal zip code: 4224
preselection: 07236
geographical situation: 48° 21 ' 01 " northern latitude
14° 30 ' 37 " eastern length
municipality code number: 40624
administration: Market municipality waiting mountain whether the Aist
main street 5
4224 waiting mountain whether the Aist
official Website: http://www.wartberg-aist.at/
mayor: Engineer. Erich Hackl (SPÖ)

waiting mountain whether the Aist is a market municipality in upper Austria in the district free city in the Mühlviertel with 3.745 inhabitants. The responsible court district is Pregarten.

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waiting mountain whether the Aist is on 477 m height in the lower Mühlviertel in direct close range of the markets Pregarten and Hagenberg (together they form the culture and restaurant region PreHaWa). The expansion amounts to from north to south 7.1 km, from west to east 6.1 km. The total area amounts to 19.5 km ². 3.6% of the surface are wooded, 13.3% of the surface agriculturally used. Local parts of the municipality are: Old person house, Frensdorf, Friensdorf, Hague, Hacklberg, in the Bichl, Klaus mill, blade resistance, Obergaisbach, Obervisnitz, Reitling, Reitlingberg, Schönreith, disks, lock house, lock mountain, Steinpichl, door mountain, lower Reitling, Untergaisbach, Untervisnitz, waiting mountain whether the Aist, Wolfsegg, Zeilerberg.

coat of arms

official description of the municipality coat of arms: Geviert; 1 red; 2 in silver a black, floating curved paw cross with laterally diagonal arms; 3 three wave borders red in silver; 4 black. Municipality colors: Red-white-black.


original lying in the East part of the duchy Bavaria, belonged the place since that to 12. Century to the duchy Austria. Since 1490 it the Principality of “Austria whether the Enns” is added. While the Napoleoni wars was several times occupied the place. Since 1918 the place belongs to the Land of the Federal Republic upper Austria. After the connection of Austria to the German Reich to 13. March 1938 belonged the place to to “gau upper Danube”. After 1945 the re-establishment of upper Austria took place.


mayor are an engineer. Erich Hackl (SPÖ).

inhabitant development

1991 had the municipality according to census of 3,190 inhabitants, 2001 then 3,745 inhabitants.

objects of interest

  • parish church
  • Michaelskapelle
  • Wenzelskirche, developed short after the death of the holy duke Wenzel an earth stable
  • in the locality Reitling [
  • it works on], received good from Böhmen landscape protection area lower Feldaisttal” “

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