Washington (D.C.)

Washington D.C.
Pointed name: D.C.
Signal map
Flagge von Washington D.C. Karte der USA, Washington D.C. rot markiert
base data
establishment: 16. July 1790
state: The USA
Federal State: no (federal district)
County: no (federal district)
geographical situation:
Coordinates: 38° 53 ' 28 " N, 77° 2 '6 " W
time belt: Eastern standard Time (UTC-5)
- Metropolregion:
553.523 (1. July 2004)
8.100.000 (inclusive Baltimore)
population density: 3.481, 3 inhabitants for each km ²
height: 2 m and. NN
surface: 177 km ²
of it 159 km ²Country
city arrangement: 4 urban districts
postal zip codes: 20001-20560, 20565-20599 (with some omissions) 56901, 56915, 56920, 56944
preselection: 202
web page: www.dc.gov
mayor: Anthony A. Williams
satellite photograph (2002)

Washington (D.C.) [ˈwɔʃɪŋtn̩] are the capital and the seat of the governmentthe United States of America. The city is designated after George Washington, the leader of the movement of independence and first president of the USA. D.C. OF Columbia stands for District.

Washington is also seat of the IWF and the World Bank.

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general data

Washington has a surface of 179 km ²and (2004) 553,523 inhabitants, the Metropolregion Washington Baltimore has about 7.6 million inhabitant (census 2000). The city does not belong to a Federal State, but has as District OF Columbia (D.C.) a special status. It is at the east coast of the country about35 km west the Chesapeake Bay, a bay of the Atlantic ocean. The geographical coordinates are 38° 53 ' 42 " north and 77° 2 ' 12 " west. The height over Normalnull amounts to only in parts 2 meters.

city plant

historical one Map by Washington (D.C.)
from Meyers encyclopedia, 4. Edition, 1888;
the part lain in the picture on the left of the river
does not belong today any longer to the city.

The city is because of the delta of the Anacostia River in the Potomac River at dessemlink banks between the Federal States Maryland in the northeast and Virginia in the southwest. The District OF Columbia was formed for retired country out by Maryland and Virginia, around the government and the congress the access of at that time still very powerful member states tooextract and concerning town construction a through-planned to form modern and representative capital the new republic. The area lain on the western bank was returned 1846 at Virginia, since the city had less fast grown than expected (today Alexandria).

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Washington (D.C.) is, apart from its function as capital of the USA, also seat of the organization of American States of (OAS), the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund.

From the five universities the most well-known Georgetown University ( based 1789) are, the GeorgeWashington University (based 1821) and the Howard University (based 1867 and one of the oldest universities for the afroamerikanische population).


Ansicht Washington (D.C.), um 1860
opinion Washington (D.C.), around 1860

the most well-known buildings are the white house, the Kapitol and that(outside of the actual city) Pentagon lain. How one can recognize in the photo down, there are no multistoried buildings in Washington. This is because of the fact that no building may be higher than the Kapitol. Three buildings hurt this law however:Washington the Monument, the tower of the old post office Office and national the Cathedral. These buildings were planned finished/, before the law at the beginning 20. Century one discharged. Strange way emerges in the city plan of the Drudenfuss (turned Pentagramm), whereby the white housethe lower point forms.

The nearest airport is national Ronald Reagan Washington air haven. It is because of the right (western) bank of the Potomac River in Virginia. This airport serves only for inland flights. Washington Dulles's internationally air haven is appropriate for 45 km westthe city in Virginia and Baltimore Washington internationally air haven 65 km northeast in Maryland. From the two latters both national and international flights start.


Washington are subordinate directly to the congress, that once per month onemeets to half day long practically as an town councillor Washingtons. There is nowadays also its own selected town councillor and mayor, whose resolutions can be cancelled however by the congress at any time. The inhabitants of Washington may participate in the elections to the president, not however onthose to the congress (details see District OF Columbia).

city arrangement

Washington is divided into four districts: Northwest (size), Southwest (SW), Northeast (NE) and Southeast (SE). The roads are predominantly straight put on and durchnummeriert, those right-angled in addition runningRoads alphabetically arranged, so that orientation falls very easily. The Kapitol sits at the borders of the four districts.


Inhabitant development

1800 8.144
1810 15.471
1820 23.336
1830 30.261
1840 33.745
1850 51.687
1860 75,080
1870 131.700
1880 177.624
1890 230.392
1900 278.718
1910 331.069
1920 437.571
1930 486.869
1940 663.091
1950 802.178
1960 763.956
1970 756.510
1980 638.333
1990 606.900
2000 572.059

the first capital after the ratification of the condition was New York(1788-1790). George Washington put the office oath down as a first president of the United States on the balcony of the old city hall.

One of the topics, with which the president had to concern itself, was, to find a constant seat of the government. As compromise settlement, Philadelphia was decided to make 1790 for ten years the capital and look around then for a permanent place at the Potomac River. President Washington selected an area, both parts of Maryland and of Virginia umschloss. At that time the area existedprimarily from pointing and swampland. It was planned that the congress in the new capital should meet on first Monday in December 1800. Washington is thus a plan capital.

Old Stone House - das älteste Gebäude 1764 erstmals erwähnt
Old Stone House - the oldest building 1764 for the first time

the building of the new capital mentions with the future seat of the US presidents, the white house, in the year 1792 was begun. This very day there a Gedenktafel notes: „This foundation-stone of the house of the president became in 17. Year of independencethe United States of America to 13. October 1792 put. President: George Washington, factors: Thomas Johnson, doctor Stewart, Daniel Carroll, architect: James Hoban, building master: Collen Williamson. Vivat Republica “

Pierre Charles L'Enfant was assigned to arrange „the Federal town center “. To 11. June 1800 became Washington (D.C.) the constant capital of the United States.

To 24. August 1814, during the British-American war, was conquered the city by 4,500 men a strong British armed force from army and naval units. Became underother one destroyed and the white house damages the Capitol. President James Madison had to flee with his government after Virginia. The Washington campaign of the British of 19. to 29. August 1814 did not have a rather symbolic character and should the Americans clarify, itselfwith Great Britain to put on („Britain is emergency A country tons of measuring around with “).

objects of interest


also after George Washingtonthe Federal State Washington in the northwest of the USA at the Pacific was designated. Otherwise he with the city Washington does not have to do anything.

Like George Schwarte, correspondent in pool of broadcasting corporations - Hörfunkstudio Washington, reported, is considered to Washington also as AIDS - capital of the United States.50 is infected 5 per cent of the inhabitants with the rear virus, each. Inhabitant is at AIDS gets sick (tagesschau.de).

Washington D.C. the city with the highest murder rate of the USA is and also Murder Capital is therefore often called.

Further pointed namesfor the city Capital are town center and Chocolate town center.

sons and daughters of the city

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