Water man age

in the opinion of today's Esoterikern and Okkultisten, of angloindischen Theosophen and new Age - trailers stands the world since that for 20. Century at the beginning of the water man age (also aquarianisches or new age called), since the Frühlingspunkt, caused by the precession movement of the earth, occurs the constellation of the water man. The entrance of the Frühlingspunktes into the constellation of the water man cannot be defined exactly. If one puts the today valid constellation borders to reason, the transition takes place only approx. in the year 2600.

To the classification of the astrological ages did not use (animal circle) constellations are to confound with the Tierkreiszeichen. By definition the animal circle at the Frühlingspunkt (Tierkreiszeichen Widder) begins and moves with it also, so that the Tierkreiszeichen do not cover themselves today for no more with the appropriate constellations.

The symbol both the Tierkreiszeichens water man and of the same name the age defined over the constellation is the double wave line. It symbolizes the oscillations of the electricity after contemporary interpretation (similar the indication of alternating voltage). Forwards approx. The Frühlingspunkt stepped 2,150 years into the constellation of the fish. Jesus, the Verkünder of a recent time, a new religion stepped on the world stage. New Age trailers represent the view, the water man age are given the time to continue this development. They stand thereby in contradiction to established world views.

In the 60's the anti-war musical Hair developed takes up this conviction directly in the first Song „Aquarius “. Here it means in the Refrain: „This is the dawning OF the age OF aquarius… “(German: „The age of the water man dawns up… “).


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