Water polish

with water polish one designates a special method to polish leather shoes on high polish. This polishing method is common with shoe lovers.

A condition for a water polish is the care of the upper leather with a hard wax cream (classical shoe polish in flat tin cans). If a thin layer of a hard wax cream is on the upper leather (= shank leather), this cloth moistened afterwards with one with few water drops can be rubbed to high polish. For this (cotton) the cloth is wound around or two fingertips, little shoe polish is taken up and afterwards this place easily in water is gedippt. Subsequently, over the leather one drives. There are different techniques of the water polish: For example can be polished with small circling movements, or with long painting courses. The long-known trick of the Draufspuckens when polishing shoes is also nothing else as a variant of this water polish.

In the consequence of this water polish the surface increasingly smoother and reflects the hitting light ever more arranged. Thus the reflecting gloss impression of the leather surface develops.

The polish falls the more easily, the more frequently the shoe with hard wax cream was already maintained. New shoes can be water-polished only with larger expenditure of time. A shoe once polished with a water polish to high polish is to be polished later very easily again to high polish and due to the particularly smooth surface is smaller the dirt adhering and future shoe care actions goes faster of.


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