Wassili Jakowlewitsch Tschitschagow

Wassili Jakowlewitsch Tschitschagow (Russian ВасилийЯковлевичЧичагов; * 28. February 11. March 1726, † 4. /16. April 1809 in sank Petersburg) was a Russian admiral and polar researcher.

It undertook as a captain of the Russian fleet in the years 1765 and 1766 two expeditions into the arctic. It tried, from the peninsula Kola out to arrive on a northern route to India. During the first travel he came to 80° northern latitude, with the second latitude northern to 80°21'.

From 1773 to 1775 he was then commander of the Don - flotilla. During the Swedish-Russian war Tschitschagow became commander in chief of the Baltic fleet. It defeated those Sweden 1789 before the Swedish island oil and and to 2. May 1790 again in the battle with Reval as well as to 27. May with the bay of Wiborg.
Tschitschagow was promoted for its earnings/services to admiral.

Note: Double data are first of all indicated in accordance with Julian calendar, which applied in Russia up to the October Revolution 1917, secondly in accordance with in the west since that 16. /18. Jh. used Gregorian calendar. See also: Wikipedia: Name conventions/cyrillic


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