Wassily Kandinsky

Wassily Kandinsky

Wassily Kandinsky (Russian ВасилийВасильевичКандинский, Wassili Wassiljewitsch Kandinski, wiss. Transliteration Vasilij Vasil'evič Kandinskij ; * 4. December 1866 in Moscow; † 13. December 1944 in the Neuilly sur Seine, France) was Russian Painter, commercial artist and art theoretician.

The name posting used here corresponds the French Transkription accepted by the artist in France.

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Kandinsky composition VI, 1913

Kandinsky was an artist of the expressionismand above all the abstract art. It completed its study of the jurisprudence and political economy in Moscow and was thereafter lecturer at Moscow State University.

1896 it tightened to Munich and studied there first at a private art school, afterwardsthe academy of arts Munich.

it lived 1906 to 1907 in the French city Sèvres, where it turned to the expressionism. 1908 it lived in the Bavarian Murnau and created numerous landscape paintings, in this year became acquainted with it also Rudolf Steiner,its Theosophie at that time and nachherige Anthroposophie its later work inspired and affected [1]. Kandinsky was joint founder of the group of artists of “Phalanx “and met his life companion Gabriele lively, 1909 became there it a chairman of the “new artist combination Munich”. Into this timealso its development falls to the abstract painting. When with the third exhibition of the “new artist combination” the jury Kandinskys rejected nearly completely abstract “composition V”, withdrew it, Franz Mark, Gabriele lively and Alfred Kubin from the artist combination. To18. Decembers 1911 opened Kandinsky and Franz Mark the first exhibition of the again created artist combination “blue rider “in the gallery Thannhauser in Munich. Accompanying to the exhibition both 1912 brought the yearbook out of the same name “blue rider “.

1911Kandinskys appeared influential art-theoretical writing over the mental in the art. The thoughts gathered here were for the further development of the abstract painting of fundamental importance. Kandinsky began its works at 1911 however again according to a certain orderto construct, whereby they remained fundamentally abstract however.

From 1914 to 1921 it lived in Russia and went among other things an activity as a professor in the “free one national work of art places” and in other national institutions after. He married Nina Andreewsky (11. February 1917). 1920 died its son Vsevodod.

1922 to 1933 were Kandinsky as a teacher at the building house in Weimar, Dessau and Berlin active. In this time finally the geometrical structures in its pictures became generally accepted.

it created 1924 also Lyonel Feininger, Paul Klee and Alexej von Jawlensky the group of artists “the blue four”. 1926 appeared its theoretical writing: “Point and line to surface”

1928 he acquired the German nationality. With the locking building house of the 1933 it left Germany andwent to France.1937 was shown its pictures of the Nazis in the exhibition “degenerate art “and seized 57 of its works in German museums. 1939 acquired Kandinsky the French nationality. 1944 it died in the Neuilly sur Seine with Paris.


if Kandinsky was a Synästhet, felt thus colors not only as optical, but e.g. also as acoustic attractions. It arranged the colors sounds, smells, forms etc. too. Thus it felt yellow as “sharpens itself” color,in connection with the pointed form of the triangle increase.

Therefore it tried to paint pictures, how one composes music; he spoke of “color sounds” and compared the harmony of colors with the harmony of sounds.

Kandinsky saw also the dangers forthe abstract art and wrote that the beauty of the color and the form no sufficient goal of the art would be. l ", Munich, Lenbachhaus

  • 1909, “Murnau - prospect with railway and lock”, Munich, Lenbachhaus
  • 1909, “green lane in Murnau”, Munich, Lenbachhaus
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