the term Webcam designation originally a web page, on that in different intervals e.g. updated “live ones” - pictures. of public places, office, building sites o.a. are shown. In addition, the term becomes, apart from the German designations “Web camera” or “PC camera”, for the name of low-priced cameras for the connection onthe PC uses.

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Webcams on web pages

Webcam mit FireWire-Anschluss
Webcam with FireWire - connection

the term Webcam decreases/goes back on web pages, on those by the operator regularlyupdated pictures to be offered. With many Webcams thereby the picture becomes only in longer distances (e.g. every 15 minutes) updated, only some Webcams actually offer a kind Live Stream. Webcams are offered frequently by companies or public mechanisms over a fixed connection to the Internetorder. Thus only small costs result for the enterprise of the Webcams. In addition, private people e.g. with DSL - Increasingly Webcams make connection available. The motives for the enterprise of a Webcam are most different nature: Of the pure hobby practice, Exhibitionismus, advertisement up to purely financialInterests. Most different contents are represented: Public places, office workstations, private dwellings, Sexualakte, building sites and other one.

The technology necessary for the enterprise is in the meantime inexpensive and world-wide very common. This does not take the liberty in former times in this way possible views of the private life of humans, from differentTo supervise leave to reasons - often around the clock - of a Webcam (Voyeurismus, Exhibitionismus). In addition, commercial users draw use from the offer of Webcams: Apart from the supply of liable to pay the costs Webcams (e.g. with pornographischen contents) these can also to marketing - purposes to be used.Thus the tourism industry uses increasingly Webcams by potential customer a current picture from the resort to the order to place.

As the first Webcam the Trojan Room Coffee poet Camera [ 1] is considered, those from 1991 to 2001 pictures of a coffee machine from the computer - to laboratory of the university Cambridge to the coworkers and (starting from November 1993) in the Web would send. After the coffee machine quitierte in the spring 2001 because of a defect the service, it became for 10.452, 72 DM von Spiegel on-line one climbing ore. It was repaired free of charge by the manufacturer Krups and can since then again through2 Webcams to be admired [2].

Legal bases for the enterprise of a Webcam

with the admission of persons are the rights at the own picture to consider as well as the regulations of the data security. No picture and clay/tone photographs may be essentially made by a Webcam, upthose persons to be identified know. This applies also to characteristics, which make an identification possible. Webcams in the public area is subject to these regulations exactly the same as such, which are only operated within enterprises or institutions.

The product “Webcam”

Webcam mit USB-Anschluss für den Einsatz am Notebook
Webcam with USB - connection for the employment at the Notebook

A “Webcam”, “Web camera” or “PC camera” in designate usually a rather niedrigpreisige camera for the connection to the PC. Here the USB - the Firewire - usually comes interface uses interface to the employment, few cameras ( frequently high-quality). Apart from the use for the enterprise of a Webcam in the Internet(s.o.) Web cameras come also to purposes like e.g. Video conferences to the employment. Web cameras are frequently qualitatively not very high-quality and have only a strongly limited dissolution (e.g. 640x480 pixel (VGA). For the intended intended purposes is this dissolution however i.d.R. sufficiently. Further are Webcamsa low-priced replacement for the expensive CCD cameras in the astrophotography, in addition, for photographs by a microscope the Webcams is suitable. Also particularly for the use as Internet Webcam equipped cameras are offered of some manufacturers (network cameras), which directly by TCP/IP via Ethernet or WLAN to be tied up.

With the purchase of a Web camera e.g. are important criteria. the dissolution, the color support and the used connection standard (e.g. USB). With the use for video conferences or other “live one” - purposes it is also still important the camera how many pictures per second can take up. Frequently must inLive-enterprise the dissolution to be strongly reduced which the ranges of application strongly limits. In the case of use in the external area are both the image quality at night of importance, and during Starklicht or direct sun exposure by low-standing winter sun.

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