White Elster

Quelle der Weißen Elster
source of the white Elster
situation: In Tschechien, Germany
length: 257 km
source: With (Tschechien)
(724 m and. Normalnull)
delta: With resounds (Saale) into the Saale (80 m and. Normalnull)
Important tributaries: Weida, Pleisse
larger cities at the river: Plauen, Gera, Leipzig

The white Elster (Czech: Bílý Halštrov) is 257 km a long right tributary of the Saale.

It rises in Tschechien in the Elstergebirge southeast from (Asch) in the proximity of the Dörfchens Výhledi (Steingrün) and flows with resounds (Saale) into the Saale.

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name interpretation

the nameElster does not have to do anything with the bird, it is slawischen origin („alstrawa “= the hurrying). With of the Lausitz black Elster flowing into the Elbe the white Elster does not come into contact. The surnames “kept those white” and “black”Rivers for distinction.

river course

already after a short distance after the source flows the white Elster east at Aš by and crosses the border to Germany. There it reaches the Saxonian Vogtland and bath Elster. Behind Oelsnitz (Vogtland) the white Elster is accumulated by the dam Pirk. After it flowed through Plauen, it reaches the border behind Elsterberg to east Thuringia.

Subsequently, it flows through the cities Greiz and Gera, whereby it briefly forwardsGera from the low mountain range out-steps and then by the Saxonia anhaltische city Zeitz as well as the Saxonian city Leipzig flows. Within Leipzig it divides into two arms, the northern keeps itself its names white Elster. In Leipzig one speaks usually howeveronly of the Elster and means with it the northern arm. The southern arm is called ball, which already flows with Schkopau into the Saale. The white Elster finally flows south of resounds (Saale) into Saxonia-Anhalt into the Saale. As consequencethe brown coal dismantling had at GDR times the Flussbett with Leipzig to be shifted.


Die Elstertalbrücke um 1900
the Elstertalbrücke around 1900

the Elstertalbrücke is part of the railway Magistrale Leipzig - Plauen - yard - Nuremberg and serves as transfer over the white Elster.It became in the course of the building of the Saxonian-Bavarian railway as well as its sister, to who Göltzschtalbrücke establishes. In addition under the 68 m through high bridge the Elstertalbahn leads. The bridge length amounts to 283 M. It is the second largest brick bridge thatWorld.

Elstertalbrücke Pirk

the Elstertalbrücke Pirk exaggerated likewise the white Elster and is one of the most unusual motorway bridges in Germany, because it is the largest right parallelepiped stone elbow bridge of Europe. Over the bridge the traffic of the federal motorway 72 flows.

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