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of these articles treats the white house in Washington DC (the USA). A further well-known building with same name is the white house in Moscow, government building of the Russian federation.

The white house in Washington, D.C.is the domicile andJob of the US-American president. It is because of the Pennsylvania Avenue (house number 1600) in Washington D.C.. It received its name 1901 due to its white exterior paint.

Das Weiße Haus (Mai 2004)
The white house (May 2004)

the situation of the white house became from president George Washington and the town planner Pierre L'Enfant select. The architect was the Irish building master James Hoban and the foundation-stone for the building became to 13. October 1792 put. This date is considered at the same time as an establishment day of the new capital, there one thoseCity land development with the white house began. Second president John Adam referred it for the first time at the 1. November 1800.

Darstellung des Weißen Hauses aus dem 19. Jahrhundert
Representation of the white house from that 19. Century

1814 was down-burned it by British troops in the so-called war of 1812. The reconstructionin the klassizistischen style 1819 began and by James Hoban were led again. Existing smoke damage was white whitewashed. 1901 took place under Theodore Roosevelt a reorganization and the cultivation of the west wing with Bürotrakt. The präsidiale work room oval Office developed on initiative of Howard taffeta. To 24. December 1929 was destroyed the west wing by a fire.

The white house was built mostly from Obernkirchener (district foam castle , Lower Saxony ) sandstone and marble by the Croatian island Brač. Since thatReconstruction became and becomes the sandstone white over-old. At present the weather-resistant color of an enterprise from the village is used with Augsburg for the painting of building.

The messuage to the Pennsylvania Avenue has 35 bathrooms, 412 doors, 147 windows, 8 132 areas,Stairways, 3 elevators, Swimmingpool, tennis court, a Bowlingbahn and a cinema hall.

Interior opinion

in the white house has, apart from George Washington, each US president used. Up to the beginning of the Second World War the citizens could visit the respective president without large problems. Since that time is the public from safety considerations in principle locked out. The view of the house was made more difficult in more recent time by concrete barriers and view protection screens.

There are rumors that itself under the south lawn in 8 - 10 floors depth a protection shelter for the presidentfinds.

A picture of the white house is on the back of the American 20 dollar note.

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