Soft animal of the yearly

the soft animal of the yearly is proclaimed annually since the year 2003 by the working group Mollusken North-Rhine/Westphalia, in order to make attentive on the decrease of these animals.

The selection of the soft animal of the yearly takes place after the endangerment of the kind or its habitat via thatHumans. Thereby also the effect of snails on many humans (disgust) is not insignificant, for this reason usually very remarkable or interesting kinds is selected. Thus also for the zoo-logical layman recognizing is ensured.

past soft animals of the yearly

2003 Bulgy diaper snail Vertigo moulinsiana
2004 common punt snail Theodoxus fluviatilis
2005 Tigerschnegel Limax maximus
2006 common river shell Unio crassus

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