bishop is the German name for the Auxiliarbischof common in the catholic church (lat.: auxiliari = help, auxiliary bishop).

Bischof mit Mozetta und Brustkreuz. Im Hintergrund befindet sich eine Mitra.
Bishop with Mozetta and chest cross. In the background is a Mitra.

Bishops are posed to the Diözesanbischöfen to the discharge against the side. A bishop representsthe Diözesanbischof only in the Weihehandlungen (Kirchenweihe, Firmung etc.). The representative of the residing bishop in the area of the administration and jurisdiction is the Generalvikar. Bishops are thus after the consecration bishops and also members of the bishop conferences, not however after their line force.

A bishop becomesalso Episcopus in portion bus infidelium (bishop in the area of the disbelieving ones) mentioned. This meets its situation exactly, because it concerns with him a Titularbischof. He is the bishop of a so-called. “lost Diözese “, i.e. a Diözese, which does not give it any longer. Was originalit a bishop, who was driven out from its Diözese, since the area fell into the hands of Nichtchristen. It looked for then Unterschlupf with a bishop in a catholic area, which it then as deputy used. In the process of the Middle Ages this office institutionalized itselfto weihen then, so that one began with it, bishops on Diözesen, which no more was not in Christian hand.

Since the Middle Ages besides important officials of the papal Kurie or the papal diplomacy were geweiht to Titularbischöfen. As it with the governing bishops of archbishops and bishopsgives, then there is this also with the Titularbischöfen. During, and this applies until today, normal “auxiliary bishops” in the Diözesen a Titularbischofssitz (list of the Titularbistümer) has, has Nuntien and important papal officials a Titularerzbischofssitz. Only since Pope Johannes Paul is usualto receive become that a Titularbischof is raised to the Titularerzbischof, without at the same time a new Titularbischofssitz.

Equal a Diözesanbischof a bishop with 75 submits his resignation, which is always accepted. Contrary to the Diözesanbischof it keeps its Titularbischofssitz however also after its retirement.

Like allBishops carry also the bishops in the Roman-catholic church a violet Soutane and a violet Mozetta. On this a chest cross is carried and at the hand a ring. In the service they avail themselves as head coverage of a Mitra and for the indication of their Hirtengewalt of a bishop staff.

The number of bishops depends on the size of the Diözese and by the Diözesanbischof in agreement with the Apostoli chair is specified. Most bishops have the ore diocese México (9), the ore diocese Rome (8), the ore diocese Milan (7), the ore diocese Chicago (6), that Ore diocese Los Angeles (6), the ore diocese New York (5) and the diocese Münster (5).


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