Weimar national assembly

those Weimar national assembly was condition< /b> the giving parliament of the Weimar Republic.

“Official postcard” of the national assembly, postmark of the 1. July 1919 in Weimar

in the course the November revolution 1918 was arbitrary both on the part of the resignation of emperor Wilhelm II. announcing realm chancellor prince Max von Baden and raised from the numbers of the Social Democrats the demand after as rapid a mechanism of a national assembly as possible, which should decide on the future system of government of the German Reich. The advice of the people-assigned, the provisional government, decided this to 30. November 1918 and set the choice for the 19. January 1919 firmly - all German men and Mrs. , those were entitled to vote on the choice day 20 after the regulation. Lebensjahr completed, with which for the first time also women had realm far right to vote. Also the congress of realm of the worker and soldier advice (congress of realm advice) tuned to 19. December this government resolution with clear majority too, with which one - likewise possible - was stopped development to a soviet republic finally.

After the elections of 19. January stepped the national assembly to 6. February 1919 in Weimar together, in order to escape the revolutionary Nachwirren in Berlin. At the 11. February 1919 selected the national assembly Friedrich Ebert (SPD) to the provisional realm president. The SPD formed a governmentable majority for Weimar coalition in that. To 31. July 1919 accepted the national assembly after substantial changes those Weimar condition with large majority.

Those Weimar national assembly was not busy only with the elaboration of a condition, separates functioned at the same time also as parliament and exercised its legislation function. It shifted its seat to 30. September 1919 to Berlin and separated to 21. May 1920 up. After the realm tag elections to 6. June 1920 stepped the 1. Reichstag to the place of the national assembly.

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