Weinsberger blood act

the Weinsberger blood act, also admits as Weinsberger blood Easter, was the killing of the count Ludwig von Helfenstein and its companion before the gates of the city wine mountain by insurgent farmers in the German farmer war to 16. April 1525 (Ostersonntag).

The farmers had stormed city and castle wine mountain, after they had requested them before in vain for the delivery and at their parliament acres had been shot. Helping stone, Austrian office man of wine mountain, Obervogt over all württembergischen farmers and with these hated, was taken prisoner. A group of noble one entrenchd itself on the church tower of the Johanneskirche, which used them however nothing, since the farmers placed her nevertheless and according to to reports the leader of the noble ones, Dietrich von Weiler, from the tower threw.

The countess helping stone asks Yak-small tubing brook for grace for her man. Copper pass of matte house Merian D. A.

Helping stone, further noble ones as well as farmhands and brushwoods (mounted mercenaries) were condemned by the farmers under guidance Yak-small tubing brook to death - against the will of others, more moderate farmer leader like e.g. Spiral Hipler. The judgement was executed before the lower gate of wine mountain, by the farmers the noble ones by mirror-image-eat run let. The Pfeifer Melchior Nonnenmacher, before times musi Kant in aristocracy services, is to have played them thereby one „last dance “. The woman of the count, Margaretha of helping stone, and its son were not killed, but were not sent - allegedly on a muck car - after Heilbronn, after the countess was to have angefleht according to some sources the farmers still unsuccessfully around the life of her man.

The execution of helping stone and its companion released with the dominant ones in Germany, particularly in Franconia, a large shock, proper panic, since they saw their position rightfully threatened. With large hardness they pursued therefore the farmers, in particular tubing brook, in addition, the city wine mountain, although this was not responsible for the acts of the farmers. Tubing brook became Yak-small and to 20. or 21. May with Heilbronn alive burned. Wine mountain became to 21. May destroyed by an army of the Swabian federation perfectly, had to perform and to punishments pay numerous penalties and went its municipal rights merrily, which it only 1553 got back.

aftereffect in the literature

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe leaves to 1771 in Götz from Berlichingen to beginning 5. Act Jörg Metzler, one the farmer leader, of which act report. Justinus Kerner writes 1820 the historical paper storming the württembergischen city wine mountain by the bright Christian heap in the year 1525 and their consequences for this city, its son Theobald Kerner brings up for discussion the blood Easter in its poem cycle of pictures from the farmer war. Johannes deserts writes the drama wine mountain to 1936, in which it concerns the farmer war. Yaak Karsunke finally places the happening 1975 into the center of its farmer opera.


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