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the world exhibition, also exposition universal one international one, designated exposition Mondiale (Expo) or World's fair, is an international exhibition, which could be established in the time of the industrialization as technical and industrial fair art-relating to crafts. The official institution toAssignment of the world exhibitions is since 1928 the office international exposition (BIE). The world exhibitions recognized by the BIE last 3 to 6 months.

Weltausstellung in Paris 1889.  Das Bild zeigt die Maschinenhalle, die 1910 abgerissen wurde
World exhibition in Paris 1889. The picture shows the machinery building, the 1910 was torn off
Mauri kiosk, asPrussian contribution for the world exhibition 1867 in Paris production, later converted and in the park by lock Linderhof set up.
German pavilion on the world exhibition in Barcelona 1929, of bad van the raw one (reconstruction)

the first world exhibition became on suggestion Prince Albert 1851 in the Londoner Hyde park held. There Joseph Paxton established the Crystal Palace, a palace from iron and glass particularly for the meeting. The first exhibitions combined the world under the large roof of only one building. With1867 in Paris the space requirement could not be covered for the exhibition however any longer, whereby one saw oneself forced to establish further landown pavilions. The concept of the land pavilions kept until today.

The world exhibitions became a large success, there itthe idea of technical fascination with Amüsement connected. Often experience parks, were furnished looking architectures and people looking which gave the character of large fairs to the world exhibitions.

On world exhibitions world novelties shown and still well-known buildings are:

the Biennale in Venice and documenta in the hessian Kassel took up likewise the idea of the world exhibitions, they concentrateitself thereby however mostly on the forming arts.

The world exhibitions often stood under a topic: thus it was located in Paris under the topic: “It was called arts and technology in the modern life” and in Brussels applied rather critically “this world thatHuman ones return ".

The last world exhibition in Germany was the Expo 2000 in Hanover.

The Expo took place last 2005 in Japan, to 25. March 2005 was opened and their gates to 25. September 2005 closed. The next world exhibition2008 in Saragossa, Spain take place .

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list of the world exhibitions

from the BIE recognized and/or. aligned Weltaustellungen is characterized by the reference BIE.

Year City & country landmark/slogan
1851 London, England Great Exhibition OF the Works OF Industry OF universe nation (BIE) / Crystal Palace (crystal palace)
1853 New York, the USA Exhibition OF the Industry OF universe nation
1853 Dublin, Ireland, at that time united Kingdom of Great Industrial Exhibition
1855 Paris, France exposition universal one (BIE)
1862 London, England London internationally Exhibition on Industry and kind 1862 (BIE)
1867 Paris, France exposition universal one de Paris 1867 (BIE)
Vienna, Austria culture and education - (BIE) - rotunda
1874 Dublin, Ireland, at that time united kingdom internationally Exhibition OF kind and Manufactures
1876 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the USA Centennial internationally Exhibition OF kind, Manufactures and Products OF theSoil and Mines (BIE)
1878 Paris, France exposition universal one de Paris (BIE)
1880 Melbourne, Australia internationally Exhibition OF kind, Manufactures and Agricultural and Industrial Products OF all nation. (BIE)
1884 new Orleans, Louis IANA, the USA new OrleansUniversal Expositon and World's fair
1885 Antwerp, Belgium exposition universal one d'Anvers
1886 London, England Colonial and Indian Exhibition
1888 Melbourne, Australia Centennial Exhibition OF Melbourne
1888 Glasgow, Scotland internationally Exhibition
1888 Barcelona, Spain exposition universalde Barcelona (BIE)
1889 Paris, France exposition universal one de Paris (BIE) - Eiffelturm
1893 Chicago, Illinois, the USA World Columbian exposition (BIE)
1894 San Francisco, California, the USA California avoiding winter exposition
1895 Atlanta, Georgia, the USA Cotton States and internationally exposition
1897 Brussels, Belgium exposition international de Bruxelles (BIE)
1900 Paris, France exposition universal one et international one de Paris (BIE)
1901 Buffalo, New York, the USA Pan American exposition
1904 Saint Louis, Missouri, The USA Louis IANA Purchase internationally exposition (BIE) - Louisiana Monument
1905 Lüttich, Belgium exposition universal one international one de Liège ( BIE) et
1906 Milan, Italy Esposizione Internazionale del Sempione (BIE)
1907 Dublin, Ireland, at that time united Kingdom of Irish internationally Exhibition
1907 Hampton Roads, Virginia, the USA Jamestown exposition
1909 Seattle, Washington, the USA Alaska Yukon Pacific exposition
1910 Brussels, Belgium exposition universal one et international one de Bruxelles (BIE)
1911 Turin, Italy Expo Internazionale
1913 Gent, Belgium Wereldtentoonstelling Gent (BIE)
1915 San Francisco, California, the USA The 1915 Panama Pacific exposition OF San Francisco (BIE) - Palace OF Fine kind
1915 San Diego, California, the USA Panama California exposition
1922 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Exposição DO Centenario DO Brasil
1924 Wembley, England British Empire Exhibition
1925 Paris, France exposition international one kinds of the Décoratifs Industriels modern et
1926 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Sesquicentennial exposition
1929 Barcelona Spain
and Sevilla, Spain
Exposición Ibero Americana (BIE),
Parque María Luisa also Plaza de España (Sevilla)
1930 Antwerp, Belgium exposition international coloniale, maritime et d'art flamand
1930 Lüttich, Belgium exposition international de la grande industry, sciences et applications, kind wallon ancien
1931 Paris, France French Colonial exposition
1933 Chicago, Illinois, the USA A Century OF progress - internationally exposition (BIE)
1935 Brussels, Belgium exposition universal et international (BIE)
1936, Stockholm, Sweden ILIS - Internationella Luftfartsutställningen i Stokholm - aviation Exhibition (BIE)
1937 Paris, France Exposition international one de kind et Techniques dans la Vie modern trend (BIE)
1938 Helsinki, Finland Second internationally Aeronautic Exhibition S.I.L.I. (BIE)
1939 Lüttich, Belgium exposition international one de la technique de l'eau (BIE)
1939 New York, the USA New YorkWorld's fair (BIE) or The World OF Tomorrow Futurama Trylon Perisphere
1939 San Francisco, California, the USA golden gate exposition or golden gate internationally exposition
1947 Paris, France Urbanism (BIE)
1949 Stockholm, Sweden universal sport Exhibition (Linguiade) (BIE)
1949 haven outer Prince, Haiti L'Exposition international one de Port outer Prince (BIE), Bicentennial OF the foundation OF haven outer Prince
1949 Lyon, France Rural Habitation (BIE)
1951 Lille, Belgium internationally Exhibition OF Textile (BIE)
1953 Jerusalem, Israel internationally Exhibition and fair Jerusalem Israel Conquest OF the the ore (BIE)
1953 Rome, Italy Roma 1953 Agricultural Exhibition (BIE)
1954 Neapel, Italy Mostra d'Oltremare - Campi Flegrei (BIE), navigation
1955 Turin, Italy internationally sport Exhibition (BIE)
1955 Helsingborg, Sweden H55 exposition international one kind appliques de l'habitation et de l'amenagement interieure (BIE)
1956 pickle Dagan, Israel Exhibition OF Citriculture (BIE)
1957 Berlin inter+'s building - Berlin 57 (BIE), reconstruction of the Hansa quarter
of 1958 Brussels, Belgium Expo '58/ Atomium
1961 Turin, Italy internationally labour Exhibition (BIE), Centenary Celebration OF the Unification OF Italy
1962 Seattle, Washington, the USA Century 21 exposition (BIE) / space Needle
1964 New York, the USA 1964/1965 New York World's fair
1965 Munich IVA - international transport Exhibition (BIE)
1967 Montréal, Canada Expo '67 (BIE), Habitat
1968 San Antonio, Texas, the USA Hemisfair '68 (BIE)
1970 Ōsaka, Japan Expo '70 (BIE) / the tower of the sun and the moon rock
1974 Spokane, Washington, the USA Expo '74 (BIE)
1975 Okinawa, Japan Expo '75 (BIE)
1981 Plowdiw, Bulgaria exposition Cynegetique Mondiale Bulgarie (BIE)
1982 Knoxville, threshing floor lake, the USA 1982World's fair (BIE) / Sunsphere
1984 new Orleans, Louis IANA, the USA 1984 Louis IANA World exposition (BIE)
1985 Plowdiw, Bulgaria World Exhibition OF OF the young inventor ( BIE) 1985
Tsukuba , Japan Expo '85 ( BIE) 1986
Vancouver achievement, Canada Expo '86 (BIE)
1988 Brisbane, Australia World Expo '88 (BIE)
1991 Plowdiw, Bulgaria Second World Exhibition OF achievements OF the young inventors (BIE)
1992 Sevilla, Spain Exposición universal de Sevilla 1992 - universal Exhibition Sevilla 92- Expo'92/La Cartuja
1992 Genova, Italy Genoa Expo '92 (BIE)
1993 Daejeon, South Korea Expo '93 (BIE)
1995 Vienna, Austria and Budapest, Hungary CALLED off after opinion poll in Vienna 1991
1998 Lisbon, Portugal Expo '98 (BIE)
Hanover, Germany universal Exhibition Hanover 2000 (BIE)
2004 Seine Saint Denis, France CALLED off
of gnawing acutes, Japan and
Seto, Japan
2008 Saragossa, Spain
2010 Shanghai, People's Republic of China
New York, Or Vegas
, the USA read the USA
or Antwerp, Belgium
2015 Istanbul, Turkey or
San Francisco, USA or
Toronto, Canada or
Turin, Italy


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