World peace

world peace designates the condition of world-wide peace, thus the end of all hostilities and all wars. It contains the ideal of liberty, peace and luck for all humans and nations. The world peace is called frequently as the most ambitious goal of political movements (peace movement), or as example of an unattainable idealistic utopia.

The conception of a world peace was linked over centuries already in the antique one with the arrival of a Messiah, Heilandes, Welterlösers or a ruler, which destroy all enemies and should unite all in a friendly manner gesinnten peoples in peace. Many well-known mythologies and cults contained these elements (z. B. Mithras -, emperor cult). Also in the religions the desire for a usually göttlichen Erlöser and Friedensbringer, in the Judentum lived on as Messiah and in the consequence also in the Christianity as Christ. It is not coincidence that after the Biblical narration with the birth Jesu peace on ground connection was announced.

In more recent time one of the most well-known religiously motivated initiatives for a durable peace, those of the theologian Hans Küng, with the project Weltethos is. Therein it is made clear that is only possible for peace in the world by peace and respect between the religions and by ethical acting.

Politically and ethicalally seen the receipt of the world peace is safe one of the most ambitious goals. Historically seen it is however very doubtful whether and with which means the peace will keep durable can. A substantial condition is diplomatic co-operation between different states in the confederation of states or the United Nations (UN). As long as however the UN does not possess own executive force, only resolutions can be expressed.

There were particularly in times of the cold war, in addition, in the today's days of the world-wide terror threat again and again attempts to divide states in peaceful and rogueful. Above all there is the theory that democratic states lead among themselves no war. This thesis, so obviously it is so easy, can be abused it to justify the armament of the allegedly good states.

According to opinion of some peace researchers the world peace would make the concept of individual nations redundant. Some historians mean to constitute a long-term trend, which indicates the end of the fight between national states and a tendency for combination. As example the development of Europe would be in 20. Jhd. to call. However there are exceptions of this rule also here in recent time, e.g. the war in the Kosovo. Also within other ranges of the world both tendencies are to be always observed: both unions of political kind, whereby often economic goals play a large role, and splitting off and divisions to the keeping of political, ethnical and economic interests usually of minorities.

The causes for war are topic of the conflict and/or. Peace research. Dr. Franc leaves oh, which was active as Missionar on the Philippines during the 1930er years, regarded poverty, unfairness and illiteratism as main causes for conflicts. It developed therefore the aid project Each One Teach One (everyone teaches its next one) to the Alphabetisierung, whereby about 60 million humans to read learned.

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