World war

under world war one understands a war, which concerns several states, particularly however great powers. The word was used 1814 the first time by Friedrich Ludwig Jahn with reference to the wars of liberation. Today the term becomes generally alsothe First and second World War connected. These two wars are typed also as total wars.

The two world wars in the comparison (estimated values) the First World War the Second World War
States of concerned 36 62
killing 10 millions 50 millions
Hurt 20 millions 35 millions
Drawn in one 70 millions 110 millions
Combat surface 4 millions km ² 22 millions one should not

close km ² with the view of the numbers inevitably on different brutality of the wars, which were enormous with both. In particular it is not noted that in the Second World War those Civilian population of the states involved clearly more strongly to suffer had.

The indicated numbers against it can be deceptive easily:

  • Many states still explained in the last war days Germany the war. Besides there were 1945 more states than 1918, for example by end of theMany people state Austria Hungary. In addition comes that the mainallied France and over a dozen of colonies possessed Great Britain in each case, which did not have own, independent military power and thus not states taken part in the war could be called.
  • By substantial use of airplanes, Tanks and motorized infantry became the Second World War the movement war, the First World War was against it a position warfare to a large extent. In particular therefore the combat surface was clearly larger.

Many historians are meanwhile the opinion that the seven-year-old war (1756 - 1763) or the 30-jährige war (1618 - 1648) the actual First World War are. It concerned the important great powers and in America, Europe and Asia was already delivered.

However this name for a war foundonly around 1914 - 1918 use, as consequence of the large number of participants, in addition, the new dimensions of the war guidance.

During the cold war the scenario and the consequences one were possibly discussed with nuclear weapons of the led Third World War. Under this premisethe war is called occasionally against the terrorism fourth world war.

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